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Kite Flying and Feather Banners advertising Adelaide


Advertising challenge – How to utilise a sunny, blue sky as advertising for your next public event, you wonder?

Uluru feather banners display

Uluru – easily transplanted to the beach

Easy!  OzFeathers’ team will fill it with large and colourful kites.


Go ahead and splash bright colours from ground-level all the way to 91 metres* high.


Result is the LARGEST ad. campaign imaginable, guaranteed to draw in crowds from many kilometres around.  It’s all about “Curiosity killed the cat”, right?


(*Australian Civil Aviation regulations state that you must not fly a kite more than 91 metres (300′) above ground level or within 4 kilometres (3 miles) of an airfield.)


Kite displays are a super-efficient (yet wacky enough) way to attract far more attention than standard newspaper ads. or short-burst Radio announcements.  And, with more and more houses now boasting “NO JUNK MAIL” stickers, you can’t even use letterbox drops to promote yourselves.


But, imagine driving in the car and catching sight of something speck-shaped in the sky ahead.  Not just one speck, but lots.  If it’s not a mass of UFO’s, what could the sky be filled with?  You’d decide to investigate, right?

Inflatable fish kite at Sarina Beach Queensland

A flying angel fish kite – whatever next?!

These large scale kites, flying at such height, flash both colour and movement.  Some have sweeping tails, others have inflatable bodies.  Nothing like the toys of old!


All shapes & sizes – sea creatures, school of angel fish, a whale, owls, some road signs, a crab or two and a multitude of waving, coloured streamers.  Keep driving nearer, and there’ll also be a sea of artistic colour at ground level from the installation of 5 metre feather banners, waving their magic.

Blue whale kite

Having a WHALE of a time – this kite is a full-sized baby blue whale.

“Oooh, let’s go and have a look!!”


Hurrah!  An advertising success!


Kites never fail to attract an eager audience to a festival or outdoor concert.


Country Field Days swear by the crowd-pulling power that kite and flag displays have.  Visitors will even drive 100kms to be there!

Crab kite Sarina Beach

Purple CRABS on the beach? Naturally, when they’re inflated!

ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY – OzFeathers’ team of kite & feather banner wranglers await your call, and, for much less cost than a 30 second TV ad., or Radio announcements you’ll reach that target market much, much easier.


Plus, kites are FUN!! – guaranteed to light up everyone’s sky, ages 2 to 92.


Feather Banners – Want BRIGHT? Want slow-to-fade?


“Fully-sewn appliqué”… or… “Full-colour dye-sublimation”?


Appliquéd (fully-sewn) feather banners are the ONLY banners to use pre-dyed fabric.  These dyed colours are consistently 100% BOTH sides, always, and comparatively slower to fade.


Kites Over Lake Michigan

USA loves our brighter, punchier feather banners!


Slower fading translates to longer lifespan saving on advertising dollars; more cha-ching! for you as business owner.

Tour Down Under beach flags

During SANTOS “Tour Down Under”on Aldinga Beach, feather banners make a SPLASH…




To give our feather banners long-life, we sew using only 200 denier “SolarMax” flag nylon.  This heavy duty fabric is coloured during the weaving process (not printed with inks as an afterthought), meaning colours will not change or lose brightness when caught in the rain.



Close up stitching

Worm’s eye view – applique sewing at its finest


The addition of a special UV-inhibitor coating to the fibres offers exceptional fade-resisting properties, allowing colours to remain richer for longer.


Strongly-sewn appliqué seams, fade-resistant colours, and extra cha-ching! with 3 square metres of valuable advertising space = must be OzFeathers’ feather banners!


Production time can be as little as 4 days – for when a HURRY UP is needed – or, your hand-crafted feather designs can be ready within 10 days, standard.


There’s still plenty of time to have your advertising ready for the Christmas shoppers, but they need to SEE you, first!

Ask Your Flag Banner Maker…

1.  Where are they made and is after-sales service available?
2.  Can we get spare parts and repairs done locally?
3.  Is your fabric brighter, bolder and thicker?

Applique BioR

NO INKS! Brightest colour-fast designs with no-run colour.


Imported flag banners’ material is thin.  Only 50 denier. Often best suited to short term advertising, and NOT the OzFeathers’ focus.


OzFeathers feather banners are made right here using long-life 200 denier fabric.  That’s four times thicker and stronger, and with a working lifespan of up to 3 years, weather dependent.


Our trademark **hot-cut, hot-weld and sew** process (also shown below) makes these feather banners the absolute toughest available for Australian weather conditions.


Applique zoom BioR

Mosaic-like in close up – every detail firmly sewn to create fabric lead-light effects.


Why are OzFeathers always brighter?


This 200 denier fabric is pre-dyed and colour-fast. Absolutely no chance of colours running when it rains.


Being local – and Sanders’ family-owned – you talk to the people who run the business, and who know the importance of “I need it NOW!”


How long do flag banners last? – actually translates to, “How long will my advertising work for me?”


Bright banners 2016

Never a DULL colour, or pale shade here!


Answer? = definitely 8 hours every day, in wind & rain, no sick days, no holidays, and without complaint!  Simply consider your waving banner as an unpaid employee – it can often be your hardest worker.


CONCLUSION – The saying “you have to speculate to accumulate” simply means “invest in the toughest, brightest and boldest OzFeathers feather banners and by Day 400, 500 or even 1000 your advertising will still be working hard”.

Be Swept Away at 2016 Redcliffe KiteFest with Willunga’s OzFeathers

Coral Reef

Coral Reef Mural banners, aquatic sea theme, 7m x 5m mural installation

Feather banners Moana

Increase the CURIOSITY factor with COLOUR & WAVING…

The 2016 Redcliffe KiteFest promises to be the biggest event yet, where Australian and international kite artists will combine to set Moreton Bay Region(QLD) alive with colour, excitement and family fun.


For the ultimate weekend to please young and old, keep your eyes on the Redcliffe sky as you come closer, looking out for kites of all shapes and sizes.


Ground colour in fabric leadlight art banners will be on show as designed by Linda Sanders as part of the OzFeathers’ banners collection.


Linda, banners, Semaphore

Fabric leadlight banners designer, Linda Sanders


Fabric leadlight is exactly that – the creation of images & scenes which are cut from glowing flag fabric and heat-weld-sewn in similar fashion as leadlight glass.


Results are incredible; like a mass of Cathedral windows where the sun’s radiance casts a mesmeric spell, drawing you in closer.


logo flag banners

Brilliant Marketing – make YOUR message glow!


“Oooh, let’s go and have a look!!”  (Exactly the aim of OzFeathers’ Brilliant Marketing Banners – once curiosity is aroused, then, hurrah! That’s advertising success!)


Large kites, flown by experts from fixed locations at heights up to 100 metres, with masses of flag banners on the ground will draw the crowds in over 27 & 28 August.


Redcliffe is sure to make neighbouring towns envious, when tens of thousands of visitors start flocking this weekend.  Be there, and share the buzz with your family.