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Feather Banners, Adelaide-made, won’t wear out in 12 months… where?


Are you looking for slower-fade flag banners?

Made in South Australia by locals?

Want your feather flags to be brighter than anyone else’s?


Want traffic to SEE you? GO bright!


OzFeathers = synonymous with long-life-tough nylon, bright colours which don’t run in the rain, exceptional success attracting new customers, and locally crafted. Yes please!


Absolutely no need to settle for “simple” or “basic” because OzFeathers designs give you the chance to splash out in glowing colour!  Have your feather banner waving stronger, brighter and working harder to catch the attention of all that traffic heading towards you.


Is your location is hard to see?

Aldinga Beach colour TDU 2015

Can’t MISS this colour!


If cars aren’t slowing down by the time they reach your driveway, often they’ll continue to drive. This is where the waving, shimmying flag throws itself into their eye line, allowing more time to slow down.  No more zooming past.


Customers tell us that their foot traffic jumps by 20-25% ONLY when their feather banner is outside in full, swishing colours, both in good and not-so-good weather.  OzFeathers flags have NO days off – every day, working hard.


Advertising can sometimes be hit and miss. What a huge a relief to know there’s a sure-fire solution, and all made locally, too.


Showing exactly how superbly flag advertising can work for you, here’s how fluttering banners are clearly “hypnotizing, mesmerizing me…” (lyrics borrowed from “The Four Seasons” song “Oh What a Night”).  Drawing attention to you and your location.  Cha-chinggg!


You want to be seen, right?


Make the call today or send an email to our Contact page and leave all your design work to the locals.


Ex-display Specials now available – email for details.

Qatar Kite Flying – OzFeathers Flag Banners Up Front


The largest ever assembly of Feather Banners in Doha, Qatar, appeared recently at the Aspire 1st International Kite Festival.

banners display Qatar

Great Barrier Reef in Doha, Qatar

The festival kite fliers (co-ordinated by Gadis Widiyati, Singapore Kite Association) presented five solid days of crowd-pleasing entertainment.

China Lady kite

Kevin prepares to launch Linda’s “China Lady” art kite

Linda & Kevin Sanders (OzFeathers’ Directors) were selected to represent Australia with their one-of-a-kind kites, along with a large selection of their artistic feather banners featuring some from the “world Faces” series, a flying whale, a Beijing Opera face, and a stunning view of Uluru.

Qatar banners

“Watching you!” feather banners fluttered to attract the crowds

The kite festival began from one person’s dream to awaken families in Doha to kite flying, and with 45 kite flyers from 13 worldwide countries, every day showcased the beauty of colourful skies to school children, families and corporate sponsors alike.

feather flags Qatar sunshine bright

Banners needed ONLY sunshine and a warm breeze


Daily kite displays, sport kite competitions, challenges for the biggest kite, and the longest kite train, along with the ubiquitous night-fly, proved that this inaugural event was what Aspire Zone needed for family enjoyment.


Feather flags were presented in their own unique setting – the wind garden – where the golden sunlight each day presented the images as if they were Cathedral windows.


Australia’s Great Barrier Reef featured as a mural series of 7 banners, with local children giving it the thumbs up as they recognised “Nemo” and “Dory”.


The event culminated in a kite making challenge among local schools, with the entrants encouraged to launch and fly their own creations as the public watched.

Feather banners stage banners

Official Awards Ceremony, Doha, Qatar with Linda’s banners as the feature wall

Organisers enlisted Linda’s banners as colourful back-scenery for the official Awards Ceremony on the last night. This was considered an honour for our Australian artwork to feature so prominently at a prestigious Qatari event.


For this first-time kite festival, the 9am to 9pm daily kite fun definitely touched the lives of thousands of observers, proving that kites and feather banners had certainly put Qatar on the international map.

Doha lady stares at camera

With the Great Barrier Reef as a backdrop, Doha locals came along to marvel

Back for more in 2018? – stay tuned.

Feather Banners AUTUMN SALE – ex-Display stock REDUCED!

Africa series of 15

“Africa” – ex-Display.  ALL on SALE!


OzFeathers’ display team regularly appears at international kite festivals, outdoor marketing displays and various public art shows, where some of our art banners are out on display for just 20 or 30 hours, tops.


Then, they’re carefully cleaned and stored leaving them as fresh as the day they were first made, waiting for their next outing.


BUT!  We feel it’s time for these designs to leave home – make space in our storage bags, find new users, and get out and LIVE a little!


So, selected ex-display feathers (total 15 – one of each design below) are now available for purchase – limited time only – at 67% OFF.


Africa 600 Wide

ALL for SALE! Choose your favourites!


Why not grab two or three seasons’ advertising feather flags at these BARGAIN prices?



JUST – – – USD $100 / AUD $135 (plus p&h) per banner.  ONE only of each layout at this price.


Includes FULL Warranty on lifespan expectancy, free repairs* in first 12 months, and guaranteed UV-inhibitor treated fabric.  (*T&C’s apply)


Africa Models A B & C

Choose from A, B or C


Africa Models D E

OR… choose from Models D… or E…?

Are you curious to see our NON-inked, long-life production methods?  Check this out…


CONTACT US now with your order.

Remember to include your mail address for postage calculations.

At these prices, stock won’t last long!

Marketing with confidence – Feather Banners DO work!


Advertising at street edge can be A-frame or flag banner, but how to know what actually works?

Mt Compass feather banners

“Vividly promoting Harvest The Fleurieu – strawberry picking at its finest – on the Victor Harbor Road, Mt Compass, these dancing images demand attention from traffic in both directions.”


Comparing a static A-frame to the always waving, non-stop rotating feather, it’s easy to see how movement has greater impact on potential customers.  Waving-and-dancing produce the “LOOK HERE!” effect.


Newspaper ads and letterbox drops may grab a few seconds of the reader’s attention (then they’re straight into recycling), but, introduce something big and bold made from twirling flag fabric, complete with colour-rich billboard-sized messages, and you’ve captured the eye immediately.


These messages register. Traffic remembers you!




Heads turn at the sight of OzFeathers’ feather banners.


Cars slow down, ready to pull into your car park.


The sound of retail shoppers or thirsty patrons march a pathway to your door.


And, all because they SAW your flag colourfully flashing your message at them.


Feather banners Main Rd McLaren Vale

“Standing tall outside McLaren Vale businesses, these feather banners DEMAND attention.”


Have you checked your marketing banner lately?

Has the teardrop faded into the background already?

Are you being as bright and appealing as you could be?


February is THE time to refresh your waving flag; GRAB those customers while the sun is out.  Don’t let them pass you by.
Customised banner messages can be used to say –

  • Open, Sale, % OFF
  • “BEST” something – coffee, sandwiches, gifts
  • Proudly display your logo / name, brand yourself boldly
  • Distinctively showcase YOU – separate yourself from competitors


OzFeathers’ banners are all designed & hand-crafted in less than 2 weeks using local in-home sewists.


Your feather banner doesn’t need any professional artwork; simply ask our in-house designer.  Just describe your thoughts, then leave the rest to the experts!


Check us out online for examples


Or, in our photo albums on Facebook


Whatever you do, don’t settle for “But, they faded within 6 months”.  Start with the brightest and toughest flag nylon, and SHOUT!! your message out to traffic.


Watch OzFeathers being made here.


Call or send an enquiry today, we’re online, ready and waiting.