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Feather Banners… Quality Service vs. “Cheap”?


Where has the old-style “Corner Store” service gone? With the influx of imported Asian-made flag banners, has that “All Australian Made” tag lost its attraction?


Not at OzFeathers.


When you phone or email, you can be sure that Linda Sanders, CEO, will remember you.


“G’day, it’s Bob from Bob’s XYZ Store”, will be greeted with, “Hi Bob, long time no see! How’s business?”


That’s why the OzFeathers’ team excels at customised feather banners for small business advertising – no detail is too small to them. Remembering those tiny details gives Linda the edge over the sales-only-focused larger printing firms.

Semaphore Kite Fesitval

Semaphore Beach lights up with Feather Banners

OzFeathers’ mantra is still, “Yes, we’ll help you get your business noticed” – and they do it with style, speed and a friendliness which takes you back to that much-loved Corner Store era.

Feather Banners glow in sunlight

Stained glass? – No, Feather Banners!


Linda’s job is to design and work with the cutters & sewists, overseeing every feather banner from conception to making, using only raw materials and all made here in South Australia.


Every banner is made using only 200 denier banner nylon (branded “SolarMax”) because of its superior qualities in the Australian weather.


“Nobody wants to pay big dollars for something which lasts only a few months,” Linda said.


“Attention to detail and the quality of our work are VITAL to be sure that our customers won’t need to worry about their feather banners for possibly up to 3 years.”


“We can hear them thinking, ‘that’s one thing we don’t have to worry about again for quite a long time.’”

Flag banner by Linda Sanders

Feather Banner on the cutting table



OzFeathers are first-name basis people – there’s very little Corporate-speak and each enquiry is handled with a personal touch. No salesmen to hassle you, and none of the must-meet-monthly-target-sales pitches. Just honest-to-goodness small business etiquette.


Linda admitted, “We value the quality of our relationships with customers. We’re a family-owned small business too, so we’re on the inside, facing similar day-to-day issues on how to be successful in business.”


Small business owners all have individual needs. It’s clear they don’t want a one-size-fits-all kind of service.


OzFeathers guarantee to put Quality (with a capital “Q”) first. They know there are various cheaper-quality options out there, but they’re confident that OzFeathers’ toughness and brightness are KEY ingredients to effective promotional advertising for any business.


“Enquirers often start unsure or confused, but certain that their businesses need SOMETHING punchy to attract streams of new customers.”


OzFeathers definitely specialise in “PUNCHY”!  “We’re Australia’s GO TO people for… Bigger. Brighter. Tougher. You just can’t beat quality.”

Wisconsin Ruffled Their Feathers – OzFeathers Cheered!


The largest known assembly of Feather Banners designed by Linda Sanders, but owned privately, took to the snow in Shawano, Wisconsin USA in March 2015.


The gathering of the Wisconsin Kiters Club – who between them own over 20 custom-designed banners – was arranged as a “Welcome” to Linda who happened to be visiting USA at the time.


“This is a total surprise!” Linda admitted. “When someone said they’d bring out their feather banners, I’d thought we’d have maybe 4 or 5!”


Wisconsin Kiters Banners

Feathers Were Ruffled in Shawano, Wisconsin


Since designing and crafting the first pair of feather banners for Bob & Heidi Rymaszewski of Germantown in 2007, Linda has since drawn & created for many kite fliers, including Steve Nicol of Waukesha.


During Linda’s recent USA visit, Steve asked if her “Sun & Moon” design might be looking to “emigrate” to his home town?  Linda said the decision to present “Sun & Moon” to Steve was not hard, considering he already has a fair share of the banners shown above.


Chow Chong of Unique Flying Objects in Two Rivers WI, also joined in this mass display.  Chow is the organiser for “Kites Over Lake Michigan” kite festival held in early September each year at Neshotah Beach.


Linda had crafted his UFO store banner in 2012, so with the idea of spreading the K.O.L.M. logo over four Feather Banners, known as a “Mural” or “Wall”, Chow knew this would add much-needed punch to the kite festival.


These four banners quickly became the centrepiece in K.O.L.M.’s ground-level displays, often featuring as the perfect backdrop to the many photographs taken.


Kite Festival Neshota Beach

K.O.L.M. festival’s Feathers display


Wisconsin feather banners with their 2015 owners now include – Owls for Barb Wagner, Statue of Liberty and Two Flags for Russ Janiszewski, Aquarium designs for Leann Lauer, Martin Maciejewski , Charlie Mazulla, Ed Grys and Mark Ledvina, then, most recently, Sun & Moon, Lattice, Dragonflies and Halloween for Steve Nicol.


Two sure ways of adding ZEST to any scene – feather banners and crisp, white snow.


If you can’t find any snow, no worries.  Linda’s feather banners simply sparkle with panache.

Oscar Wilde talking OzFeathers?


Retirement Village

Make sure you are SEEN!

Oscar Wilde once said, “If there is anything more annoying in the world than having people talk about you, it is certainly having no one talking about you.”


If you WANT to be talked about, first you must be seen…


At OzFeathers, we make sure that every single design is uniquely different, shouting proudly, “LOOK OVER HERE!”


Since 1998, thousands have been hand-crafted to suit individual tastes; each feather banner quality-appliqued to our strict standards.


Results speak for themselves…

“We’ve had a number of enquiries directly from having the feather banner. Many locals didn’t even know we were here!” RSL Care, Myrtle Bank SA


“OzFeathers’ feather banners have improved our foot traffic, for sure. They’re a MILE in front.” – Top Catch Tackle & Bait, Barmera SA


“Our location is down an alley. We find the feather banners attract the eye of passersby and are a great drawcard for the Artspace.” – Gatakers Artspace, Fraser Coast, QLD.


“Feather banner definitely attracts attention. It is very bright, noticeable and professional. OzFeathers are prompt, and pay really food attention to product sales” – Lazy Ballerina, SA


“We’re a small business, just starting out. We love our feather banners; they’re sensational” – Running On Coffee, QLD


“Our feather banner does bring attention to our business. Fantastic product and service – we are very happy with our feathers.” Office & Image Services, Willunga (feathers even feature on their website Home Page)


“OzFeathers have increased our foot traffic by up to 25%. The feather banners are fantastic, very LARGE & BRIGHT. The heavy-duty poles handle any wind conditions” – Paint Place, Cowes VIC.


“We love our feather banners; they work very hard and well for us” – Alexandrina Cheese Company, Mt Jagged SA


“We appreciate the good quality product and great service. Our feather banner has increased foot traffic around 30%” – Petrie’s Cottage, Currumbin QLD.


Feather Banners are proven to impact your image, create sales and ensure repeat business by keeping your name STRONGLY in front of customers and prospects.

Withcott Football Club

Appliqued tiger details – JUMPING at you


Then there are the personal touches…

Feather Banners, Kites and Aldinga Beach – the Perfect Recipe for Tourism South Australia

Find an open expanse of sand… fly the feather banners… loft some kites… then wait for the cyclists – that was our plan for Saturday, 25th January 2015.


Santos Tour Down Under

Feather banners JAZZ! up Aldinga Beach for SANTOS Tour Down Under

Stage 5 Santos Tour Down Under certainly added the icing to the SA Tourism cake, by sending the racing cyclists past our beach position three times in three hours!


Santos Tour Down Under

Tour Down Under, eyes LEFT!

Helicopters hovered overhead to capture magnificent shots of our Owl and Angel Fish kites.  Oh, and the cyclists, too…


flag banners for Tour Down Under

Tour Down Under cyclists’ view of the feather banners (if they’d looked over their shoulders…)

Tour Down Under kites

Angel fish kites SWIM! busily above the sand

Motorcycle cameramen snapped busily away at the speeding Peloton as it zoomed past, catching splashes of colour in the background.  (Thanks to “The Advertiser / Sunday Mail” for

Sunday’s double page spread…)


Many of these images which were then beamed around the world; people as far away as Canada saw Linda & Kevin hard at play – well, on our day off.


Over the years, we’ve supplied artistic colour to various Tour Down Under locations, including Strathalbyn, Stirling, Aldinga, Willunga.

When it’s your town or business, and you’re seeking some high-visual recognition, then that’s what we love to do.


Colourful, fabric art banners, all made here in South Australia, guaranteed self-promotion so YOU can be found on the tourism map.