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Rainbow Flags – Marriage Equality and World Peace!


Wave the rainbow flag!

Australia says “Yes” to Marriage Equality on 7 December 2017.


We’ve added a pair of doves and the olive branch of peace to symbolise harmony in the world.


Peace Doves feather banner

Rainbow flag & peace doves – marriage equality and world peace united!

Now you can decorate your own patch of paradise, be it the beach, lawn or backyard.


“It’s time for more marriage, more commitment, more love, more respect” said our PM, Malcolm Turnbull.


At OzFeathers, we regularly use the rainbow theme, adding more colour to everyday life.   Especially apt for Australia, as more and more families gather to enjoy functions in the warm sunshine.


Now available! – OzFeathers’ bespoke Rainbow / Peace Doves feather banner.  Order today and celebrate joy, love and the start of a NEW YEAR with waving and vivid colour @ AUD $475


Or, select from our standard rainbow stripes @ AUD $330


Rainbow-striped banners

Let rainbows colour your patch of paradise  example flag banners, Linda Sanders’ exclusive designs.


Double-sided feather banners – are they sewn in full-colour, BOTH sides?


Feather flags glow

Feather banners’ translucent glow on Semaphore Beach, South Australia.

OzFeathers feather banners are the full-colour front-and-back preferred choice when business owners look for extended lifespan.


It’s important to consider the unique strength of fully-sewn flag banners, offering 100% colour concentration on both sides. Often referred to as “double-sided”, this indicates no loss of colour from front to back – ever!


Working with a recent client from UK, Linda Sanders (OzFeathers’ fabric artist) firstly collected the customer’s list of design “must haves” –

  • English countryside feel
  • Oak tree to represent English Nature
  • Green grass or a field of yellow rapeseed
  • One banner to feature a man, the other to feature a lady, not necessarily as a couple
  • Red poppies and some yellow flowers – possibly buttercups or dandelions
  • The key feature on both to be a stack of easily recognisable, brightly-coloured kites

Linda then built up these fresh, outdoorsy scenes featuring depth and perspective from within the colourful fabrics in her palette.


Feather flags double-sided

Idyllic summery day in an English countryside. Double-sided colour guaranteed.


“I chose highly-vivid colours to represent a truly wonderful summer’s day, and utilised strong contrasts to highlight individual features, such as the poppies and the kites.”


Results?  These designs will be popular favourites at festivals around UK and in Europe wherever a touch of England is needed, for many years to come.


WHY OZFEATHERS? – This style of fabric art guarantees added punch in sunlight by displaying a translucent glow in any exterior position.


Rosella feather flag

“Who’s a pretty boy?” Adelaide Plains Rosella

Double-sided  banners standing tall and bright, they’re also highly visible, bold and recognisable, all with non-stop mesmeric waving.


Linda adds, “OzFeathers promise free repairs (*conditions apply) in the first 12 months, a service which can mean many extra months of life.


“Business owners don’t need to throw away their flags after only a few months simply because they’re faded, or torn. OzFeathers’ banner nylon fabric is extremely tough & durable which is why colours last longer, and why we CAN offer repairs.”


The bonus? – Linda’s artwork is supplied at no extra charge!

Buy your Flag Banners from the SA Manufacturer


  1. Where are OzFeathers made and is after-sales service available?
  2. Are spare parts and repairs possible?
  3. Will all flag banners be bright, bold and tough?


Storage 200 flag banners

Glowing messages are READABLE!


Imported flag banners often use thin material – a mere 50 denier.  That’s similar to shower-curtain strength; not designed to be long-life.


OzFeathers (designed and manufactured here in SA) use only 200 denier fabric = four times stronger. Life expectancy can be anywhere between 2 to 5 years, weather dependent.


When you’re talking with the manufacturer, there’s NO middle man. You’ll receive our lifetime guarantee that NO-ONE ELSE will have identical graphics, giving you individuality in your advertising.


OzFeathers are made using our specialised **hot cut, hot-weld and sew** process (shown below) to craft Australia’s toughest feather banners for our weather conditions.


Made here in Australia, to work here.  SA-made from raw materials, with spare parts stored here.


Applique zoom BioR

Mosaic-like in close up – every detail firmly sewn to create fabric leadlight effects.


People ask us, “Why are OzFeathers so much brighter?”


Our woven fabric is dyed at the mill before weaving, to make it colour-fast.  There’s no chance of colours running when it rains.


We’re SA local & family-owned, so you’re talking to the people who own the business; we really do know the importance of “I need it NOW!”


“How long will my advertising work for me?”


Most definitely for 8 hours every day, in wind & rain, no sick days, no holidays, and without complaint for MANY months – can even be years.  Consider your non-stop waving banner as an unpaid employee – it’s sometimes your hardest worker.


CONCLUSION – “Speculate to accumulate” translates to “invest in tough, bright and bold flag banners TODAY… then let your advertising do many months of hard work, boosting your bottom line while showcasing your own fabulous service.”

Adelaide Advertising Banners ON SALE – Winter deals!


Advertising banners from OzFeathers are DIFFERENT…  Really!  Right now, these feather banners are at SALE prices.

Flag banners Adelaide-made on SALE at OzFeathers

ON SALE – Adelaide Advertising Banners! Limited ex-display feather flags, bright and tough.


Did you know? – All other flags, teardrops and banners are printed, and in the main, that means short life.  Not OzFeathers!


How are OzFeathers different? Our advertising flag banners won’t fall apart within 6 months. Absolutely.


At our WINTER prices**, your savings can be as high as 67%. Limited stocks on our SALE items; some are ex-display models, others are new and never used.  Be quick! **Contact us for prices incl. postage, Australia & internationally**


When compared to a standard teardrop flag, see how feather banners become the stand-out in advertising.

compare teardrop to feather flag

BOLD & BRIGHT… or… teardrop-small and hard to read?


Even in the gentlest breeze, check out these feather banners – this is “can’t beat it” advertising for any location. Quiet, majestic, attractive, using stylish art to draw in customers.


OzFeathers are Australia’s ONLY 100% colour both sides. Guaranteeing four times stronger (200 denier nylon outlasting any printed 110g fabrics) for longer lifespan.


Working even in the rain…


Advertising flags need to be punchy. Leave the ho-hum behind and stand out from the crowds.  OzFeathers work like the age-old weather vane – 360 degrees of full rotation, working with the wind (which is FREE!) to boost your cashflow.


All feather banners are designed by Linda Sanders – Adelaide’s Banner Queen – so if Winter SALE isn’t for you and you’d like a totally customised design, ask specifically for Linda!