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Feather Banners, Kites and Aldinga Beach – the Perfect Recipe for Tourism South Australia

Find an open expanse of sand… fly the feather banners… loft some kites… then wait for the cyclists – that was our plan for Saturday, 25th January 2015.


Santos Tour Down Under

Feather banners JAZZ! up Aldinga Beach for SANTOS Tour Down Under

Stage 5 Santos Tour Down Under certainly added the icing to the SA Tourism cake, by sending the racing cyclists past our beach position three times in three hours!


Santos Tour Down Under

Tour Down Under, eyes LEFT!

Helicopters hovered overhead to capture magnificent shots of our Owl and Angel Fish kites.  Oh, and the cyclists, too…


flag banners for Tour Down Under

Tour Down Under cyclists’ view of the feather banners (if they’d looked over their shoulders…)

Tour Down Under kites

Angel fish kites SWIM! busily above the sand

Motorcycle cameramen snapped busily away at the speeding Peloton as it zoomed past, catching splashes of colour in the background.  (Thanks to “The Advertiser / Sunday Mail” for

Sunday’s double page spread…)


Many of these images which were then beamed around the world; people as far away as Canada saw Linda & Kevin hard at play – well, on our day off.


Over the years, we’ve supplied artistic colour to various Tour Down Under locations, including Strathalbyn, Stirling, Aldinga, Willunga.

When it’s your town or business, and you’re seeking some high-visual recognition, then that’s what we love to do.


Colourful, fabric art banners, all made here in South Australia, guaranteed self-promotion so YOU can be found on the tourism map.

HOW long do OzFeathers’ feather banners last? TOP TIPS on making them last longer than the others.

OzFeathers Feather Banner

GoPro feather banner’s message POPS!


is the enemy of all flags, NOT rain. Life expectancy will depend on how windy it is where the feather banners are being used.


In moderate climate, at sea level, OzFeathers’ tests show a lifespan of anywhere between 15 and 32 months.


There are so many variables on life expectancy, but, there are also many simple ways to EXTEND lifespan and save money.


Feather Banners

Feather banners outlive newspaper AND Yellow Pages ads!

#1 – OzFeathers’ 200 denier flag nylon is the same nylon used on National flags as it is the toughest fabric for use outdoors in the wind. Thickest fabric = outlasts up to 4 times longer.


#2 – Treat your feather banner as your hardest-working (lowest-paid) employee, and give it time off when the weather conditions are extreme. Less flap = more life.


#3 – Ensure the ground stake is ALWAYS at 90° to the ground. This angle allows free-flow rotation which reduces overall stress on the fabric. If the unit develops a lean the rotational activity stops and flapping begins. Less fighting the elements = more life.


#4 – Fibreglass is tough and flexible in the wind, but it is NOT unbreakable. If fibreglass is dropped, trodden on or driven over, fibres can break which may cause future weaknesses. Don’t drop = stays tougher, longer.


#5 – Inspect regularly for early wear and tear. “A stitch in time saves nine” DOES work! When a snag or tear is spotted, STOP! and remove the fabric from the wind. OzFeathers can then administer First Aid and the repaired banner can be back at work within 24-48 hours. Keep damage small = repairs are quick!


#6 – 200 denier flag nylon can be MACHINE WASHED… use a gentle cycle with no harsh detergents then put it back on the pole to dry. An overnight wash-job will extend life. Remove road grime often = stay looking fresh.


Remember to treat your feather banners to some regular pampering, often, and they’ll bring measurable results to your bottom line.


OzFeathers’ banners – guaranteed easy to maintain, offering a far greater lifespan than newspaper and Yellow Pages ads.

Top 5 ways Feather Banners DEMAND to be noticed.


BRIGHT fabric.

STRONG design.

SIMPLE message.

BOLD contrasts.

HIGH visibility.

Abstract feather banner

OzFeathers clear-branding Feather Banner


OzFeathers’ feather banners are cut from 200 denier SolarMax banner nylon for the simple reason that it is the world’s BRIGHTEST fabric available for use in Australian sunlight.


Not one drop of ink is used – it’s been proven that inked colours fade faster.


INSTEAD… Banner nylon is dyed to give richer colours from day one.


Bright blues, greens, pinks, yellows, in fact, every colour glows vibrantly with daylight shining through.



Creating design layouts with high-impact graphic style is OzFeathers’ specialty.


How easy it can be to MISS seeing individual signs or A-frames in the sea of flag and signage graffiti when they’re too small, dull, or lacking in colour.


One big mistake could be by trying to add too much detail to the banner.


This is why OzFeathers’ creations start with the simplest message.  Next, shine a spotlight on the key focus.


Great advertising to bring great results.


There’s nothing worse than messages disappearing by being wishy-washy pale.


We avoid this by presenting high-impact colour combinations in each FREE-design offer for every customised feather banner enquiry.


TIPS: Stay away from red with pink, yellow with orange, white with silver.


Instead, opt for dark with light, black with yellow, purple with green, ruby with orange, turquoise with black & white.


Remember that traffic requires stopping time.


A bright, bold, vibrant feather banner, already waving in the face of oncoming vehicles, will also be highly visible.


Don’t allow your message to be hidden from view by being too small.


Be daring!… Be seen!



How OzFeathers design customised feather banners for businesses, schools, sports clubs and Community groups.


If the ANSWER IS “Feather Banners”, then, what’s the question??


Are you looking for something which stops traffic?

Want more people in your shop?

Would you like better attendance figures?

Need something easier to see than a tiny A-frame?

You’ve heard that flag banners are everywhere, but, how to know what’s best?


Start with your optimum need.  Is it that you’re hard to find?  Are you a new business and still unknown?  Is traffic not aware that you’re OPEN for business?  Are you the BEST in town at something and need to shout it out?


Like Flinders Street Market – weekend artisan stalls, offering a variety of products.  We based designs on their website ad. poster, offered some layouts and, result!


Flinders St. Market

Design a feather banner – Flinders St. Market


Next, find your “self” – your uniqueness.  Your logo could be your focal point, or your brand name, or your key product or activity.


A fine example would be Willunga 100 Wines.  One logo, displayed 7 different ways.  Simplistic, but BOLD.  Eye-catching and effective.  Not cluttered, but with impact.


Feather Banner Willunga100

Take one logo – 7 feather banner layouts


Feather Banners McLaren Vale

The Almond Train – one logo, only two feather banners since 2008!

All we need is your logo as a Vector graphic file – usually called .eps or .ai and then we’ll do the rest. Sit back, focus on your business / sport / activity, and in 24 hours you’ll have a selection of layout ideas to think about.


Strike while the iron’s hot!


For the Almond Train of McLaren Vale, the same logo produced both their 2008 and 2013 layouts, maintaining the branding, but refreshing the message.


Traffic now stops because they’ve just realised their favourite spot looks “new” again!



Email us through the Contact Us page, and let us do the hard work; it’s what we do best!