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When are Feather Banners TOO much?


When there’s absolutely no room any longer to fit our new SPRING designs in our display cupboard, it’s time for a h-u-g-e cull.


Some of our flag banners have travelled the world for only a few hours of fame at a kite festival.


AKA 2007

2007 Travellers – to Ocean Shores, Washington, USA


They’ve entered and departed countries without passports or Visas, for the chance to spend 12 hours out in the sunshine of an exotic location.

Semaphore 2014

Semaphore Beach, South Australia – LOCAL!



A selection of these soon-to-be-sold-off banners has strayed

no further than our own local beaches of Port Willunga, Moana or

Semaphore Beach’s annual Adelaide’s International Kite Festival.

Semaphore Beach feather banners

OzFeathers add SPARKLE to kite festivals








But, for these OzFeathers beach flags – below – designed by Linda Sanders – it’s time for them to fly to new homes.


Sale items

New homes wanted. Pre-loved, one only.


International purchasers – Buy in September (2015)


USD$195 each, all incl.


Australians’ price is P.O.A. Details via Contact Us Page.


Many more pre-loved feather banners are on the list.

Send your enquiry for full details.


ONE of EACH at these prices – be QUICK!

Where do Feather Banners cost only 35¢ a day?


When needing to advertise your business, or a Community Activity or perhaps a special event, your best success may often come from daily passing traffic.


Pedestrians, buses and cars will often pass by 2x every day.  What’s the best way to grab their attention with your advertising?


Only a small percentage will see your Yellow Pages or weekly newspaper ads.  You need to be SEEN by hundreds, or even thousands.


Willunga-based OzFeathers have specialised in the design and crafting of feather banners (which act as WAVING BILLBOARDS) since 1998.

Their banners are impossible to miss.


Flag banners 35c per day



A feather banner waves at everybody.  No discrimination!


Feathers dance and rotate with the wind.  Every message is highly visible at up to 400 metres away.


The average cost for this advertising is just 35¢ per day.

Less than a cup of coffee PER WEEK!


flag banner marketing

Average cost ONLY 35c PER WEEK!


When the advertising budget is small, but a location, presence or event activity requires non-stop constant promotion, then newspapers or TV ads. may be out of the budget for most.


Wouldn’t YOU stop to find out more if you saw feather banners like these?  (Curiosity, and all that…)


Bright? – this is the greatest advantage in all of OzFeathers’ designs.  Using only pre-dyed flag nylon, their colours are 100% consistent front AND back.


These rich colour shades also *glow* in sunlight.  Fabric leadlight, just like Church windows.


Whale-sized feather banner

A WHALE of a message – with full-glow!


Who wouldn’t want affordable marketing with mind-boggling results?

And all for the same cost as a cup of coffee…

Where are customised feather banners SEEN in Adelaide?

Willunga-based artists at OzFeathers share some of their feather banner designs currently used around Australia.


Victor Timber and Fasteners, Victor Harbor


The business featured this month is a recently-opened operation on Mill Rd, which is set off the main thoroughfare and difficult to see.

Victo Timber hidden

WHERE are they? Are they open?


We started by asking owner, Bruce Wright, what his thoughts might be on a design idea.


logo file

Business logo = NO problem!


With the business having a distinctive logo, we suggested he email it to us, for our concept drawing suggestions.  We were able to offer him three initial choices.


Victor Timber finished

Eager to work, their Feather Banner message is clear

We carefully blended their identifiable chainsaw-and-saw-line logo with a strong, clear font.


Laying these on a white background, the finished text measures 1.8m x 36cm.


“OPEN” now stands at a conveniently readable 3 metres above the ground.


That’s quite advantageous when surrounding businesses are still using A-frames at the height of a mere one metre tall…


Five metres of waving, dancing, “WE’RE OPEN!  OVER HERE!” now makes a convincingly BOLD statement to all the passing traffic from up to half a kilometre away.


“It’s a great way to let people know we exist and are OPEN” Bruce said, as he rushed back to attend to his next customer.


When the goal is to BE SEEN, OzFeathers are keen.

We have a feather banner, but it is badly ripped… Do you do REPAIRS?

Santos Tour Down Under banners

Feather banners when they’re bright & new… these are repairable!

YES!  We certainly do!

And repairs can be FREE in the first 12 months*. (*Some conditions apply.)


Bait & Tackle feather banner

Fishy banner in serious need of repairs!


Working in “SolarMax” 200 denier flag nylon, we’ve been able to reconstruct this damaged banner (above) so that it’s fresh and bright once more.


Lights Down South feather banner

Totally devastated? – NO! Fixed in 24 hours.


Australian weather conditions can cause serious damage, but since we keep the original patterns and all the fabric in our workshop, this repair (above) was ready to ship out within 24 hours.  Repair results show little evidence of the original devastation…


Repairing a feather banner

This banner had its Sorry-Looking SIZZLE repaired!

Six easy TIPS on how to extend the life of your feather banners…


1. Erect the banners away from trees, shrubs, power lines and gutters. In fact, stay clear of anything sharp.


2. At the end of each day, avoid dragging the banner along the ground by first rolling the flags around the poles, then carrying them easily at shoulder height.


3. Our banners can be WASHED (because we make them from 200 denier flag nylon) on the gentle cycle in a washing machine. Soiled areas (grease, mud) will clean up well with a pre-wash spray beforehand.


4. At the instant you first spot damage, don’t wait! Contact us to ask about our “Stitch in Time” repair service.


5. When used every day (in rain, shine, windy gales or sheeting hail) banners will certainly wear out quicker. Why not consider keeping them “off work” during the extreme-weather days to protect them from some wear & tear?


6. Last, but not least, read the instructions. They’re a valuable source of how-to-use-wisely tips.


And wise tips will ALWAYS save money!