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How OzFeathers design customised feather banners for businesses, schools, sports clubs and Community groups.


If the ANSWER IS “Feather Banners”, then, what’s the question??


Are you looking for something which stops traffic?

Want more people in your shop?

Would you like better attendance figures?

Need something easier to see than a tiny A-frame?

You’ve heard that flag banners are everywhere, but, how to know what’s best?


Start with your optimum need.  Is it that you’re hard to find?  Are you a new business and still unknown?  Is traffic not aware that you’re OPEN for business?  Are you the BEST in town at something and need to shout it out?


Like Flinders Street Market – weekend artisan stalls, offering a variety of products.  We based designs on their website ad. poster, offered some layouts and, result!


Flinders St. Market

Design a feather banner – Flinders St. Market


Next, find your “self” – your uniqueness.  Your logo could be your focal point, or your brand name, or your key product or activity.


A fine example would be Willunga 100 Wines.  One logo, displayed 7 different ways.  Simplistic, but BOLD.  Eye-catching and effective.  Not cluttered, but with impact.


Feather Banner Willunga100

Take one logo – 7 feather banner layouts


Feather Banners McLaren Vale

The Almond Train – one logo, only two feather banners since 2008!

All we need is your logo as a Vector graphic file – usually called .eps or .ai and then we’ll do the rest. Sit back, focus on your business / sport / activity, and in 24 hours you’ll have a selection of layout ideas to think about.


Strike while the iron’s hot!


For the Almond Train of McLaren Vale, the same logo produced both their 2008 and 2013 layouts, maintaining the branding, but refreshing the message.


Traffic now stops because they’ve just realised their favourite spot looks “new” again!



Email us through the Contact Us page, and let us do the hard work; it’s what we do best!

Why the Sochi (Olympics 2014) flag banners and OzFeathers have little in common.


Feather banners for major sporting events, such as the 2014 Sochi Olympics, are often on display for just a few days at a time.  They’re pretty, delicate and primarily for decorating the scenery; especially stunning when snow makes the perfect backdrop.

Snow, snowboard... and printed flag banners!

Snow, snowboard… and printed flag banners!


Weather conditions are usually mild, as we see on the snowboard run in this photo by Nick Atkins/Scene Images, courtesy of Onboard European Snowboarding Magazine, so the banner material used can be much thinner than usual


These printed banners aren’t under any stress; the weather isn’t going to bother them in so short a term.


Once an event is over, short-term banners are no longer useful.  They’re already out of date, sponsors’ names will change, and every new season will have new colours.  They are quickly discarded into landfill, or secreted away

by eager souvenir-hunters.


OzFeathers’ feather banners are NOT for short-life sporting weekends.  They aren’t meant for throw-away since they’re sewn not printed; their focus is on long-term use.


Designed and manufactured in South Australia to withstand Australian weather.  Made here by Australians.


Stand out ABOVE traffic

Stand out ABOVE traffic


As a business owner, you won’t want to be replacing banners after only a few weeks!  You’ll be looking for the most efficient bottom line.  Cost over lifespan.  A daily investment in advertising which works for you.


Measurably efficient – you can ask your customers, “How did you find us?”  (Chatting to customers is the first step to a $ALE !)


One key difference of having your own customised feather banners is that they reflect your personality.  They make you, YOU. 

When being DIFFERENT is clever business!

When being DIFFERENT is clever business!


Standing out as DIFFERENT (special!) in your field is vital – if you look the same as your competition, how will your customers discover that your service or product is BETTER?


You’ll be looking for a design which DEMANDS TO BE NOTICED, but which won’t fall apart after 6 months.


You’ll want to stand head and shoulders above everyone else nearby.  (Curiosity is a known human quality – play to it to win!)


At OzFeathers, all we know is toughness, brightness, and strength.  Standing tall, Gold Medal gleaming.

Is your feather banner REALLY made in Australia?


Flag banners, teardrop banners and Bali flags might be printed in Australia, but… where are they MADE?


My role at Willunga-based OzFeathers is to design and help create every feather banner we make.  From raw materials; all made here in South Australia.

flag nylon glows

Colours POP! in sunlight


I choose to use only 200 denier banner nylon (branded “SolarMax”) because of its superior qualities in Australian conditions.  In every situation this fabric outperforms printed polyester.


Fully-sewn banners made from flag nylon far exceed the level of quality achieved from printed-only banners.  Lifespan is greatly increased!


Our collection of colours includes all the rainbow favourites with additional shades of blues, purples, browns and even greys.  Being bright is the key.


I’ve designed feather banners to match School emblem colours, football and various sporting teams, and even Visitor Information Centres.  These colours are no problem in sunlight.


Bright? – this is the greatest advantage in all of my designs.  The flag nylon I use has been pre-dyed, so colours are 100% consistent front AND back.  Rich colour shades which glow in sunlight.


Here’s how feather banners begin, with just a few short questions.

What is your business?

Where is your location?

What are your aims from vibrant street marketing?

Nobody wants to pay for advertising which FAILS, so, start with the RIGHT design.


I can work from a logo, or a theme, a website, or a colour scheme.  Tell me what you HOPE to gain from your new “employee”, and I can create the feather banner for those RESULTS.


My promise – there will never be an art fee, nor a set-up fee.


If it’s not the RIGHT design, it’s just not right!

Kite Lady may be Quiet but OzFeathers’ Feather Banners are still LOUD in France!


When the phone rings and a voice asks “Is that Kite Lady?” it’s very tempting to say “She’s not here anymore.”


Three Phases of Kite Lady

Three Phases of Kite Lady

Not… GONE as such, but, moved on.


Instead, I now design visual advertising known as street marketing banners.


Hence our tagline "Brilliant marketing banners".  (The brilliance actually comes from how I use the fabric to produce a stunning stained-glass-window effect)


The focus is to create memorable, unlikely-to-be-forgotten-in-a-hurry designs which will also make businesses and community events extremely interesting to those mildly-curious onlookers.  Passers-by just can’t HELP themselves!


Work begins with a concept idea. Often the customer has photos to share, which help start the process.  Here’s an example which came in from France.


Gisèle & Patrick offer a unique and specialised photography service, taking aerial images via a camera which is lifted overhead by their kite.


Known as, simply enough, Kite Aerial Photography, it’s a relatively easy & inexpensive way to catch the bird’s-eye-view shot.


Patrick presented three photos in email that he wanted incorporated in his feather banner design.


The basis of the design

The basis for design drawings – customer’s own photos.


The first challenge was to create suitable images from the highly-detailed photos from Patrick.  Too much detail can “lose” the message and that camouflage jacket needed a lot of work!




The camera became a quick-to-recognise concept.


Quick-to-recognise camera, drawn from the photo supplied

Expertly drawn from the photo Patrick supplied


I then submitted a selection of design ideas to Patrick via email for his comments / changes.


Patrick's THREE key images

Patrick’s THREE key images

Only sewing offers such brightness.

Only sewing offers such brightness.

He and Gisèle made their decision, and sealed their order.


Their all-Australian-made flag banner has now arrived in Pancé, south-west of Paris, in plenty of time for Christmas.


  Only two weeks from start to finish.


Zoom in on the shutter!

Zoom in on the shutter!



And all done using Google Translate, since I speak about ten words of French, while Patrick’s English is slightly more extensive.






Conclusion?  There is no such word as “can’t” in business… the first question should always be, “how?

McLaren Vale Business Expo to showcase OzFeathers’ colourful feather banners.


Feather banners will again draw in the crowds for this year’s event, where local businesses display their services & produce at Hardy’s Tintara Winery located in McLaren Vale’s Main Street, organised annually by the McLaren Vale Business Association.

Tintara entrance


Linda Sanders’ designs add stunning splashes of colour, which are guaranteed to stop traffic in its tracks.  Exactly what’s needed when the building is well-hidden behind the lush gardens.


Now, consider your own business.

Take a look at your frontage from across the street.

See it as your customers view it.


Does it POP!?  Or, are you blending in with everyone else?  Do you look ‘inviting’, or have you an appearance of ‘arms folded, not interested’?


Choosing the right style of banner is important towards advertising which WORKS.


… Flat teardrop banners don’t wave at traffic, so when the wind blows the wrong way, these banners become invisible!


… Fabric which is satin-shiny presents a hard-to-read effect in sunlight, and messages seem to disappear from the high-reflective glare.


… See-through printed polyester often shows messages as pale, becoming hardly noticeable to fast-paced traffic.


Why do OzFeathers GLOW in sunlight?

Why are these feather banner messages so BOLD and SPECTACULAR?

What’s so special about how they wave?


Answer? = the right design with the right fabric produces desired results.  Your bottom line results.  Advertising results which are measurable!

Ground display

Just a puff of wind and POP! Be SEEN.


Not all banners are created equal, and to be sure you’re looking at the RIGHT banner choice, ask yourself…


  • Will traffic see flat or waving better?
  • Do you want strong, bold and bright colours, or pale and hard to see?
  • Is extended life important, or are you prepared to replace every few months?
  • Would a repair service be helpful?
  • How important is it to you to shop local – Australian made?


OzFeathers are known to support a variety of local events; we’re locals too.


Desk banners

Model aircraft, model trains and now… Model Feather Banners

Always happy to talk designs with interstaters and international folks – proudly exporting great Aussie-made produce.


Miniature models of some of our bright designs shown here, small enough to fit on a desk!



Need more?

Call by and see our stall, 4 December 2013, from 5:30pm.  FREE entry.

Or email via the Contact us page – for honest-to-goodness service.


Purple Lady and Feather Banners a BIG HIT! in UK


While they’re known as flag banners everywhere else, amongst kite flyers in UK, the feather banner is a symbol of “I’m here!  See me now!”


Teaching workshops are regularly offered  to members of the White Horse Kiteflyers Club, and with the help of President Arthur Dibble (plus dedicated Committee members, Don Baggett and Janet & David Robinson) arrangements for a workshop for feather banners started in September 2012.

Feathers in a Field in Lechlade, UK

Feathers in a Field in Lechlade, UK


October 2013 participants for the “Purple Lady Workshop” began wandering in to the workshop room of St Joseph’s Catholic College (Swindon) at 9am, well before the official start of 9:30am.




Twenty seven feather banner kits had been transported 12000 miles from OzFeathers’ cutting studio in Willunga, South Australia, with each banner requiring up to 20 pieces of pre-cut flag nylon.  The Purple Lady had to be sure that everyone received all the right pieces.


Introductions done, and… let’s begin!


Instructions were powerpoint-presented on a projector, hot-dot welding tools were plugged in, patterns were handed out… and… it was all systems GO!


Pattern prep, photo by Patrik Koppen

Purple-uniform for David Johnson, ready!

Purple-uniform for David Johnson, ready!

Participants had to match pre-cut fabric pieces in the right order to their patterns.


With numerous colour schemes this meant everyone had to guard their work stations closely.


Mustn’t lose any of the tiny pieces!


The youngest participant was just 9 years old.


The oldest was… well, they qualified for a Seniors’ free-travel bus pass, say no more.


All the workshoppers switched from hot irons to sewing machines by the close of Day One.

Stuart Lafferty hard at work

Stuart Lafferty hard at work


Zig zag seams and back-tacking from some fast-workers meant the banners swiftly took shape.


In truth, this was Linda’s first adult-teaching workshop, and so far the only one where sewing machines and soldering irons were to be used.


Amazingly, not one injury.  (Not that we heard of!)


There may have been some dropped stitches, and the occasional “Oops!” as shuttles ran hot and bobbins ran out of thread.


All in all, a hive of jolly activity.


Chrstian Baden Powell & Keith Boxall seek teacher's help

Chrstian Baden Powell & Keith Boxall seek teacher’s help

Two design patterns had been proposed, which would suit all levels of sewing skills.


The “Lattice” design consisted solely of straight seams.


(Nine of the twenty seven banners were this easier variety, and every single one was completed with a minimum of fuss.)

Don Baggett, Keith, dotting mad!

Don Baggett, Keith, dotting mad!


The second pattern chosen was a modified version of Linda’s “China Lady” design, where the smallest pieces were circles of just 2cm diameter.


(Sewing tiny circles can be a nightmare – it’s quite a challenge to make sure stitching is both neat and effective.)

Arthur Dibble captured the colourful results

Arthur Dibble captured the colourful results


Seven colour schemes were offered for “China Lady” and four colour schemes for the “Lattice”.


The workroom mood soared as the banners started taking shape and we’re convinced it was all due to the brightness of the colours.


As each sewing machine was switched off and packed away, completed banners began walking outside.


Time for the final showdown (and photo opportunity) to the delight of passing traffic.


So, why was this was known as “Purple Lady Workshop”??


Linda’s favourite colour happens to be purple!!


What a huge surprise it was for her to see everyone on the first morning in their matching work “uniforms”!


To sum up, by the end of her UK-stay, Linda had

  • enjoyed a kite flying weekend in Lechlade
  • gasped at the wonders of Stonehenge
  • joined in the Lord’s Prayer in Salisbury Cathedral
  • operated a canal lock at Aldermaston (and hitched a short ride on a narrow boat)
  • travelled through Jane Austen country looking for Mr. Darcy
  • walked on a 2000 year old Roman road, climbed up a 2600 year old iron age fort and hugged Avebury’s 4000+ year old stones
  • stepped on the eye of the oldest dated limestone-chalk White Horse at Uffington
Linda TROD on Uffington's oldest chalk art!

Linda TROD on Uffington’s oldest chalk art!


  • watched a peacock saunter across the street in Lacock (the Cotswolds)
  • stopped in Tiddleywink just for a photo op.
  • enjoyed lardy cake in Stow-on-the-Wold
  • SURVIVED the Magic Roundabout in Swindon (that’s 5 roundabouts in one)
  • received her own purple workshop uniform t-shirt and commemorative coffee mugs
  • sampled “mudslide” cocktails, made on-site courtesy of those early-finish banner makers
  • met the Grumpy Old Gits at the Jolly Farmer Pub in Basingstoke
  • Taught a 2-day workshop where everything went to plan
  • Slithered through London on an open-topped double decker bus, saw a blue chicken statue in Trafalgar square, ogled the Tower of London, sailed on the Thames River and ate a burger in Sherlock Holmes’ territory.


Linda with cousin Soos ventured out and about in UK

Linda with cousin Soos ventured out and about in UK

Now, she’s back hard at work, and already planning a return journey in 2015…

Stay tuned for updates!

OzFeathers WINS “Flying High” Award at Bondi Beach Kite Festival

September 8th, 2013 marked ten years to the day since Linda Sanders last entered the annual kite-making competition organised by the Australian Kiteflyers Society.


Chinese Opera SINGS with Linda Sanders on Bondi Beach

Chinese Opera SINGS with Linda Sanders on Bondi Beach

The kite competition is run in conjunction with the annual Festival of the WindsSydney’s greatest kite flying festival (which also includes diverse cultural activities) co-ordinated by Waverley Council and Bondi Pavilion and held on the infamous Bondi Beach.


Linda’s newest kite design was judged to be worthy of peer recognition.


The kite is known as a “Betta Della Porta” and constructed entirely in 0.75 ounce ripstop nylon with hollow fibreglass spars.


The kite’s art design is based on Linda Sanders’ Chinese Opera feather banners which first appeared as her signature banner theme in 2006.


Coloured pieces of fabric were cut to match the design then sewn together to create the final image.


“People describe my work as either fabric-style-leadlight or stained-glass-fabric” Linda said.  “As the sun shines through from behind, the fabric appears to glow, so it’s important to use the right colour contrasts.”


“Festival of the Winds” recently celebrated its 35th Anniversary and featured international guests Karl Longbottom (UK), and Craig Hansen (Peter Lynn Kites, NZ).  They shared the beach with noted Tasmanian kite designer, Robert Brasington and other local kite flyers.


Adelaide’s Linda Sanders added colour to the beach with her display of flag banner designs, and also enjoyed time to fly her new kite.

Flying flags at Bondi Beach

Flying flags at Bondi Beach


Doesn’t the sky make the perfect art gallery?  There are no boundaries, and… it’s FREE!