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Can feather flags be repaired in Australia?

Not ALL flag banners can be repaired.  Here’s a guide on what to watch for when choosing.


Expert repairs can be difficult on flags unless the base fabric has a high denier count, such as 200 denier flag nylon.  This high number means the initial weave is super-strong and it will often accept re-stitching, thus increasing lifespan.


OzFeathers’ own high denier nylon fabric also features a special coating to aid in colour preservation (important in Australia’s weather) which isn’t found in other mass-produced flags.  This coating is a product of duPont, well-respected in the field of innovation.

Selfies feather flags

Brighter than bright! We use BOLD flag nylon on all feather banners we make.

Many lighter weight flags actually use a low-denier polyester so they are lighter in weight and weave, and, once torn, there’s often little to be done other than total replacement.


6 ways to extend the life of your OzFeathers flag banner –


1.  Keep your feather flag away from trees, shrubs, gutters and power lines.  In fact, stay clear of anything sharp.  Treat the fabric like human skin and a banner can last for years.


2. At the close of day, roll your banner around the pole before carrying inside, remembering not to drag along abrasive ground.


3. OzFeathers’ 200 denier nylon can be washed with confidence – gentle cycle on the washing machine, and use pre-wash spray on soiled areas first.


4. The minute any damage to the weave is spotted, contact our repair dept. and learn how to arrange for return & repairs. When caught early, snags and tears can be swiftly rectified, and your banner will be returned looking like new!


5. Daily use in rain, shine, windy gales or sheeting hail may cause faster wear, but, with the increase in foot traffic due to your flag banner’s efficiency, your advertising budget will more than cover any replacements.


6. Lastly, our supplied user-instructions offer many TIPS (shortcuts to success) for extending the fabric’s lifespan.


The longer your feather flag lasts, the better your bottom line – meaning less stress and expense for you.


Here’s a fine example of how GREAT advertising is made here in Willunga, SA. as shown here for Alexandrina Council.




Ice cream flag banner

Willunga-made, feather flag

Barrelling down the highway in the car, one eye on the road, the other on signposts, and there’s just ONE feather flag banner waving vividly up ahead.  Aha!


Now I know where to slow down and pull in to visit my favourite (fill in the gap) winery / coffee shop / hairdresser / ice cream seller!


Without that waving, or the bright colours, and your super-bold message, we might have driven straight past and not realised your business was even open.  Heaven forbid!


Thinking outside the box and beyond newspaper ads. or letter box drops is the key to catching traffic’s attention in 2018.  Think of the hundreds or thousands of cars which pass you every single day.  Sometimes TWICE daily.  Imagine the bottom line boosted if just 10% of that traffic stops to shop?


New traffic on a daily basis makes feather banners the win-win solution.


Bright and eye-catching, they’re highly visible above any sized vehicle and cost nothing to maintain (except an occasional wash) with a lifespan averaging almost 3 years.  OzFeathers prove that advertising isn’t difficult.


Just one investment offers over 365 different advertising possibilities – potentially a new position every day!  One message, and movable – like rearranging furniture to brighten a room.


A well-designed flag-banner becomes a most-effective employee, working for around 50 cents per day and one who won’t ask for holidays. Even bad weather won’t faze them.


One single feather flag can be seen from every angle, all the while using FREE wind-energy.


They remain bright & cheerful even when the weather isn’t, and never ask for a pay rise.


It’s time to be the brightest STAR in your street!  Check out in this video HOW Willunga-made flags are stunningly different.


OzFeathers will create your ultimate advertising tool – FREE design work, with FREE delivery before Christmas 2018 if you say you’ve seen this BLOG post.


Check out our Facebook page for latest designs, then call or email for your free delivery and priority queue position!

Ask your Flag Banner Maker these 3 Questions!


  1. Where are OzFeathers made? (What about after-sales service?…)
  2. If we need spare parts or repairs, where can we do this?
  3. What is the fabric like? – is it bright, bold and tough?


Imported flag banners’ material is thin.  Usually only 50 denier, which is similar to shower curtain thickness. They would be okay for weekend events and short-term advertising, as they’re often only bright-looking for a few short months.


BUT!  Flag banners from OzFeathers are made from 100% flag nylon fabric, which is 200 denier.  Tougher at four times thicker, offering a working lifespan of around 3 years, without needing much care & attention.


Custom feather banners

You need to BE DIFFERENT – to BE SEEN


Our all-sewn applique process (we only use Willunga sewists) is totally unlike printed or teardrop flags, see for yourself here!


Applique BioR

NO INKS! Brightest colour-fast designs with no-run colour.


Why are OzFeathers always brighter?


Our 100% flag nylon is pre-dyed which holds colour for longer. Absolutely no chance of the colour running when it rains.


We’re Willunga locals – a family-owned workshop – so you’re talking with the people who run the business. We know the importance of “I need help NOW!”


How long do flag banners last? – actually translates to, “How long will my advertising WORK for me?  How soon will I need to replace my banners?”


Answer? = When averaging 8 hours every day, in wind AND rain, no sick days, no holidays, and without complaint, expect no less than 1000 days.  Compare that to printed flags which start their “wear factor” at a few months.  Your OzFeathers banner is an unpaid employee – it can often be your hardest worker.


CONCLUSION – To be seen these days it’s important to BE DIFFERENT. Let OzFeathers design YOUR different, and watch that bottom line soar – call today, we’re locals (08) 8556 2681 – why wait?!

How many quality-flags are in McLaren Vale, South Australia?


For feather flags to work effectively, they really need to be bold, bright and HIGHLY visible.


Where are the brightest flag banners?  Answer, the McLaren Vale Visitor Centre, where boldly-coloured street flags joyfully invite visitors to look closer at their Gallery, their Café, their Cellar Door.   These banner flags wave and dance and bounce with the wind at the entrance to this popular “Sea & Vines” town.


But wait!  One teardrop flag appears invisible – hard to see, almost playing “Where’s Wally” amongst the display.  The street advertising for Fleurieu Biennale appears to blend and disappear into the background as it sits alongside OzFeathers’ strident colour choices.


Bright feather banners and one plae teardrop flag

One almost-invisible teardrop flag plays “Where’s Wally” alongside stridently coloured OzFeathers.


When designing effective teardrop flag marketing (which are printed-only banners where paler colours often result, unlike Linda Sanders’ BRIGHT all-sewn designs) research shows that colours and size of text are paramount towards guaranteeing positive customer results.


How much advertising space?

What does that teardrop flag say? When a flat banner offers only 1½ square metres of advertising space – as the teardrop in this photo shows – the message can be easily lost to traffic.


At OzFeathers, each standard 4.4 metre feather banner offers a massive 3 square metres of message spaceTWICE AS MUCH fabric area – and explains why these waving banners claim to be Bigger, Brighter and Tougher than any other advertising.


Will the cost of advertising be expensive?

For the DOUBLE ad-space, an OzFeather flag tackles any advertising problem, but will NOT double the cost.  Guaranteed.


How many potential customers could be lost by a too-small printed flag when it fails to attract new traffic, producing fewer results and making any advertising spend a costly exercise in lost customers, revenue and reputation?


What’s the best message for feather flags?

Back to “Where’s Wally”, the powerful messages on the McLaren Vale Visitor Centre’s three bold street flags are clearly seen and understood – at a glance.


“We’re OPEN!” they shout… and “we have a great Café, Cellar Door and an amazing Gallery…”


Negotiating with OzFeathers to create the optimum flag banner design for any business or community group can mean the difference between business success and failure.


Be SEEN, to be visited.


CONTACT US via our web enquiry form or call us today 08 8556 2681 for our guidance in building your own unique, waving headline.


Designed and fully-crafted in Willunga – definitely all Australian made.