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Big and Bright Feather Banners are made here in SA


You can buy pale, cheap, imported flags and teardrop banners anywhere, but why would you when the biggest and brightest are made locally in SA?


Your banner advertising needs pizzazz.  No need to settle for “simple” when it’s easy to be the brightest star in your universe.


Feather banners Faces

Guaranteed BRIGHTEST fabric, plus slow-to-fade treatment coating


Your message is important to your customers; make it SING not whimper.


Feather banners with a JUMBO-sized message are a must if you’re to stand above your competition.  Grab customers by the eyeballs!  First impressions matter.


Shun ineffective advertising.

No more pale…

No more small…

No more “can’t read”.


Printed banners teardrop

Too pale?   Too small?   Printed for short-life?   Detail overload – can’t read?


Create your own “something special” by collaborating with OzFeathers’ designers expertise – there’s NO fee for our input.


Go for the best, and ALWAYS demand premier quality.


Nobody wants to see traffic passing them by – choose BRIGHT!  BIG!  Go BOLD!