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Drawing crowds in Dubai – easy!


Dubai International Kite Festival 2016 started with two prerequisites – a large, open flying space with continuous and steady onshore winds.


Burj Al Arab Hotel backdrop

Colouring the Dubai skyline



Jumeirah Open Beach, Dubai, is a dedicated kiters’ beach with backdrop scenery to drool over.  A perfect reason for organisers, Classic Concepts, to pitch the 2nd Annual Kite Festival here.


Kite shirt

Black is such a COOL colour!



Winds remained perfect every day; kiters could loft and tether their displays without fear of tangling.



Australia photobombs!!



The steady winds meant that, for this 3-day festival, families were able to enjoy 12 hours’ constant enjoyment, every single day.


Faces banners

“World Faces” Feathers



Kite flyers from New Zealand, USA, UK, India, Malaysia, France, Russia, Colombia, Netherlands, Switzerland AND Australia (Linda & Kevin Sanders, OzFeathers Pty. Ltd.) worked non-stop to guarantee a full Dubai sky.


Dog quadline

Kevin Sanders walking the dog?



Visitors to the beach were treated to a flying spectacle.


China Lady set 4 banners

China in Dubai – a crowd favourite.



A vast array of kites featured a wide collection of creatures (dog, whale, dragon, cow, fish, crabs & more), an aeroplane, a submarine, a genie plus a mammoth, spinning spiked bol, while kite teams further along the beach performed choreographed routines to music.


Crabs in Dubai

Crabs caught stealthily taking over…



Kevin entertained the children by flying a steerable dog kite while attempting to knock over the Burj Khalifa…!


Kevin Burj Khalifa, Nasri aeroplane

Landing a dog on the Burj Khalifa with Malaysia Airlines to the rescue?



On Day 3, Linda’s display of her 15-set Feather Banners Mural (Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock) gave many families the ideal photo opportunity.


Uluru display

Uluru transplanted



Imagine it – Uluru turning up on a Dubai beach.

Just visiting, but quite the scene-stealer.