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Eurovision, Russian Grannies & inspiration for NEW flag banners!

Were you glued to the SBS coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012?

Our Women of the World series of artistic feather banners began life as single flag banners each representing a different nation.

The idealised image selected for Russia was the Matryoshka doll.  Here’s how the design drawings looked compared with the completed work.

Russian dolls

Russian Grannies - flag banner drawing board

Soon we’d added faces from China, Japan, Brazil, Spain even including males and statues! – pirate, harlequin, Easter Island and kabuki actors from Japan.

Additional designs also crept in, including Lady Liberty (New York), West Point Officer, Tramp, Uluru (Australia), Tropical kite scene (Caribbean).

Feather banners PLUS

... adding Statue of LIberty & Uluru flag banners

While most of our flags / feather banners may be simply street marketing for shops such as hairdressers, take away food outlets, car yards and hardware stores, we also love to design & create STUNNING fabric art!!

* Coloured pieces of fabric, sewn together to resemble the effects of leadlight.

* Bright in sunlight, explosions of colour on dull wintry days.

* The ooh and aahh of fireworks, without the noise & smell!


Flag banners are also art – Vote “Like” NOW!… and award “douze points” to these winners!