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Facebook, NBN Co and Skype – Who’d see OzFeathers’ flag banners without them?


Thanks to Mark Zuckerburg and YouTube we now use Facebook to keep in touch with our kite friends globally.


Kevin Sanders kite, Linda Sanders flag banner

Flag banners or kites, Linda & Kevin Sanders – world renowned!

We can learn what’s new in Europe or Asia without actually going there.


We can discuss a new flag banner design idea, in less than 24 hours.


We’re doing market research on feather banners with hundreds of willing participants – at NO COST!


Thanks to Skype we’ve cut down our telephone costs (sorry Telstra!)


Now we have FREE face-to-face time with friends and clients.


Bookings and flight schedules are sorted in minutes.  Such a time saver!


Skype for no charge; get immediate answers.


Clear quality – as if we’re sitting with friends in California or Paris as we speak.


Thanks to NBN Co. and fibre optic Broadband which marries all our communication formats together, allowing OzFeathers to keep up.


CONCLUSION – By combining Facebook, Skype and NBN Co. OzFeathers artistic flag banners are rapidly gaining world fame!