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Feather flag banners in Adelaide? Where?


It’s Willunga, Place of Green Trees, and Linda Sanders is working her creative magic.


With over 40 years’ experience in marketing and promotions, plus the past 17+ years specialising ONLY in feather banners, Linda rightly deserves the title, “banner queen”.


In 1998, when she introduced the feather-flag to South Australia by sewing scraps of ripstop nylon together to produce “tall, flaggy things”, the craze took off!


What is it most customers need? – high visibility, extreme durability, washable and repairable, all these and more.


Flag banners Semaphore

You want BRIGHT? Sunshine is free…



Linda’s colourful banners are certainly the talk of South Australia. Which means, your business will soon be the talk of everyone in YOUR location.


What makes OzFeathers so different from all the other examples?


Fabric – THICKER (200denier nylon) and BRIGHTER (pre-dyed with rich colours).


Design – Linda’s layouts win design awards, and OzFeathers focus on each business owner’s bottom line results, offering an expected minimum of 10% increase in foot traffic, with 25% also not unusual.


Service – Linda personally chats with each customer to learn what exactly is required. “Leave the design part up to me, but let me know WHY you need street marketing…?”


Sometimes, customers’ comments include, “we’ve tried others, but they fade fasttear easilylook old quicklydroop in the heatget dirty and can’t be washed…” – all problems which are non-existent for OzFeathers.


Forget the thin, the pale and the illegible – let this style of advertising be a thing of the past!


Faded flags

Faded? Torn? Droopy? Can’t read? NOW, try OzFeathers!

There’s advertising, then there’s GREAT advertising… so invest wisely for guaranteed long-term success.