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Kite Flying and Feather Banners advertising Adelaide


Advertising challenge – How to utilise a sunny, blue sky as advertising for your next public event, you wonder?

Uluru feather banners display

Uluru – easily transplanted to the beach

Easy!  OzFeathers’ team will fill it with large and colourful kites.


Go ahead and splash bright colours from ground-level all the way to 91 metres* high.


Result is the LARGEST ad. campaign imaginable, guaranteed to draw in crowds from many kilometres around.  It’s all about “Curiosity killed the cat”, right?


(*Australian Civil Aviation regulations state that you must not fly a kite more than 91 metres (300′) above ground level or within 4 kilometres (3 miles) of an airfield.)


Kite displays are a super-efficient (yet wacky enough) way to attract far more attention than standard newspaper ads. or short-burst Radio announcements.  And, with more and more houses now boasting “NO JUNK MAIL” stickers, you can’t even use letterbox drops to promote yourselves.


But, imagine driving in the car and catching sight of something speck-shaped in the sky ahead.  Not just one speck, but lots.  If it’s not a mass of UFO’s, what could the sky be filled with?  You’d decide to investigate, right?

Inflatable fish kite at Sarina Beach Queensland

A flying angel fish kite – whatever next?!

These large scale kites, flying at such height, flash both colour and movement.  Some have sweeping tails, others have inflatable bodies.  Nothing like the toys of old!


All shapes & sizes – sea creatures, school of angel fish, a whale, owls, some road signs, a crab or two and a multitude of waving, coloured streamers.  Keep driving nearer, and there’ll also be a sea of artistic colour at ground level from the installation of 5 metre feather banners, waving their magic.

Blue whale kite

Having a WHALE of a time – this kite is a full-sized baby blue whale.

“Oooh, let’s go and have a look!!”


Hurrah!  An advertising success!


Kites never fail to attract an eager audience to a festival or outdoor concert.


Country Field Days swear by the crowd-pulling power that kite and flag displays have.  Visitors will even drive 100kms to be there!

Crab kite Sarina Beach

Purple CRABS on the beach? Naturally, when they’re inflated!

ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY – OzFeathers’ team of kite & feather banner wranglers await your call, and, for much less cost than a 30 second TV ad., or Radio announcements you’ll reach that target market much, much easier.


Plus, kites are FUN!! – guaranteed to light up everyone’s sky, ages 2 to 92.