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OzFeathers announce NEW “Holiday Memories” range of feather banners.


OzFeathers release their NEW! range of “HOLIDAY MEMORIES” flag banners.


Put your favourite scenes from holiday destinations on a feathery flag, which is totally different from the teardrop / advertising flags.


Feather flags are guaranteed to outlast most other memories. Now you can look into the sunshine and relive your special vacation highlights.


Our featured-flag holiday destination for June is Eastbourne in East Sussex, UK, a seaside resort on the south coast of England just 31km east of Brighton.


Visit Eastbourne promotes a vast selection of activities and local sights, which are now intertwined on this 4.4m tall feather flag.  At this size, the banner is large enough to vividly showcase all the well-known scenic spots, plus, for our customer, we included his love of kites with a train of coloured diamonds  high up in the sky.


Recognise the Pavilion on Eastbourne’s pier, spot the groynes in the sand, and a little further west along the coast arrive at the highly popular Beachy Head lighthouse, and not a postcard in sight.


Did you know that Beachy Head is the highest chalk sea cliff in the UK?

Montage Eastbourne flag banner assembly

“Holiday Memories” range features popular scenes in fabric – sewn in full detail.

The chalk cliff sits neatly at the lower section of our Eastbourne design, measuring 165cms from the cliff top to the lowest edge of the flag.  Standing alongside an adult, the cliff scene reaches to a height of almost 2.1m / 7 feet from ground level.  How’s that for a HUGE memory!?


With each part of these feather flag designs being made up like a fabric mosaic, that’s almost 3 square metres of cutting and sewing to create the overall scene.  Each ripple on the water is a separate piece of fabric.  Each groyne, again, a small piece of coloured fabric.  Even to all the intricate details on the Pavilion – all hot-cut sections of flag nylon are heat-bonded then sewn firmly into their final position.


Each design starts with photos from the scene in question (for Eastbourne, we followed the customer’s list of requests for his favourite locations) which then progress to a selection of drawn layouts.


Views of Eastbourne

From holiday snaps… to ?


From the decision of “That’s the one!” to arrival at its new-owner destination can be as little as 10 days, often faster than the olden-days photographic memories!


Make contact now to treat yourself to a bright and long-lasting reminder of your own slice of heaven – whether it was a honeymoon retreat, a family celebration, or that one-off “find yourself” destination.


OzFeathers’ NEW! “HOLIDAY MEMORIES” feather banners can replace your fading postcards and photos, with bright colours and mesmerising waving.  Make the neighbours jealous!


Dido said, “I’ve still got sand in my shoes and I can’t shake the thought of you…”

How Versatile are Feathers?


Feathers keep birds dry, they regulate body temperature, they come in all sizes, colours and patterns plus they’re necessary for steering and control when the bird is in flight.


Feathers can also be brilliant, they can tickle, be soft or scratchy, they’re used for quills + ink, or for interior décor.  Even a Grandfather clock will have a feather inside…


Feathers are also superb as street marketing – attention-seeking things they are!


Feather Banners Linda Sanders Istanbul

Fluttering like bird feathers – and just as colourful


“Feathers” was the name I gave to my art when making my first flag banner in 1998, as I’d based it on the cut shape of a bird’s feathers.


Not teardrops which are flat and not Bali flags with triangular edges, but feathers, or more correctly, OzFeathers because I’m proudly Australian (Oz).  “Brilliant marketing banners” was what I became known for.


Why is my work described as “brilliant”?


I use only bright colours.  The fabric I work with isn’t ink-on-fabric printing, simply because some inks can run in the rain. I need permanent colours, come rain or shine.  And, I want those colours to be glowing BRIGHTLY when the sunlight finds them.


Each design I create starts with a message – it can be simple text representing a business name or a service or a product – and every one needs to stand out by being unique.


Road signs, parking signs, speed zone signs, neon signs, A-frames and a miasma of street graffiti all bombard our eyes: Navigating the signs becomes a nightmare.

Bold, bright, feather banners by OzFeathers

Imagine seeing these colours and messages – wow!


I suspected that artistic flair could brighten up these spaces, by throwing colour and movement on the greyness of asphalt and pavement.


They would also work to attract attention, just as male birds do when wooing a mate.


Feather-shaped banners wave and flutter like bird feathers in the wind.


Graceful, not unlike any bird in flight.


They even undulate attractively with the breeze – NOT flapping like a fish out of water!


Some of my ideas have come from images seen in books, some from wall murals in exotic places or promotional pamphlets and even maps from foreign destinations.


The iconic images of Uluru and the Sydney Opera House were the inspiration for my 32-banner mural-scene feather installation, displayed at various Santos Tour Down Under days in South Australia.


Uluru and Opera Hosue feather banners mural

Unmistakable – big & bold just like the real landmarks, Uluru in N.T. and Opera House in Sydney


Highly recognisable, and with one uniting theme, every feather was carefully matched and crafted to create this impressive image which is revealed as the breezes blow.


Feathers need to be colourful, bright and bold – ask any male peacock, Gouldian finch, or Rosella; they certainly take colour to the max.


OzFeathers – feathering their brilliant way, both artistic and useful, by keeping a flutter or two ahead of the birds.

Feather flags make Turkish Delight in Istanbul


Thousands of eager children and their parents joined international kite artists at the Meltepe Park, April 21 & 22, for colour and amazing spectacle at the 6th Istanbul International Kite Festival.


Linda Sanders represented Australia with this selection of feather banners, creating a scene of Turkish Delight-style colour for the families as they entered the Park complex each day.


Istanbul Kite Festival banners

Australian banners delight in Turkey


International guests included Keith Mould (RSA), Cheang Yarin & Sim Sarak (Cambodia), Paolo Tosti and Giovanni Angelini (Italy), Wieslaw Gwizdala (Poland), with Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Colombia also represented.


Sunshine and light breezes provided the ideal setting for a family day out, where all the children attending received FREE hand-made kites, as prepared by the Istanbul Kite Museum.


There were music performances from bands dressed in animal costumes.  Stilt-walkers and jugglers presented mime and music.  Inflatable characters wandered about, keeping the theme of fun and colour.  (Linda’s “official” role meant very little once she’d met these furry players…)


Name tag Istanbul & band

Musicians in costume vs. Linda’s official title on field!


OzFeathers’ display became THE place to be for some zany family selfies!



While commercially-printed flags use only inks (which may run in the rain or fade fast in the sun) the special fabric Linda uses in her banners produces all-bright, all-tough, all-sewn waving designs, which glow and stay fresh-looking even after their 14,000 km journey!

Minaret, flags & banners, Istanbul

You know you’re in Turkey when you hear this unique Call to Prayer


Keeping the atmosphere almost too-delicious to watch, Linda’s dancing feather flags welcomed every camera angle.



Her designs included some new images for 2018; from butterflies and polar bears, to peace doves and Australian parrots.



The Day of the Dead (a little “Coco” style!) was present, too.



As an Australian premier fabric artist, Linda gratefully thanked all sponsors for their invitation to share these made-in-Adelaide kite flags with Turkey.



All Australian made, hand-delivered to Turkey, with much delight…

Australian Feather Banner teacher is USA-bound


Local Willunga-based fabric artist and kite flyer, Linda Sanders, considers crafting flag banners to be her “thing”.  Working originally as Kite Lady, her first Aussie-made feather banner debuted in 1998.


Her technique of arranging coloured pieces of flag nylon in fabric-mosaic style quickly became popular with small business owners; everyone wanted their street marketing flags to have a difference, and soon, OzFeathers, the company, was born.


Feather flags at U-MAKE

From Australian fauna to the red, white & blue – banner flags in all descriptions.

Now twenty years on from that first creation, Linda is demonstrating feather banner design on a global scale, with the USA her upcoming target.


Starting her 3-week teaching spell, the first hands-on workshop will be at Lorado Taft Field Campus, Orego, Illinois for the Upper Midwest Area Kitemaking Event. Her students here will make their own 3 metre banners from pre-cut kits. The chosen artistic creations will range from the simpler “Plume” design through to extremely challenging self-designs. March 3 & 4 2018 should see over 40 amazing feather banners on display (or, at least, well on the road to completion.)


Linda won’t be resting on her laurels following her departure from Illinois, as her next workshops will be held March 10 & 11 2018 at World Kite Museum, Long Beach, Washington State.  Here, participants will study how to work with 200 denier flag nylon using a technique known as hot-dot-welding, and at the close of each day, a stunning array of newly-made beach flags will be displayed at the Museum.


Bookings are essential for this weekend as kits are limited. Phone the Kite Museum to be sure of your place and kit choices. (360) 642-4020


Long Beach Kite Museum flag banner workshop

Long Beach, WA, USA – coming alive with feather banners!


For her final weekend on American soil, Linda’s single class on Friday March 16 2018, will be at the Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference, which is held annually at The Warm Beach Camp and Conference Centre, Stanwood, Washington.  This particular class will be for the more experienced level, and aimed at students who learned the basics in her 2015 class.


Requiring a solid 8 hours with dedicated concentration, each participant will work with Linda to craft their uniquely individualised designs.

Each design started as an idea / rough sketch by the individuals, where some chose abstract art, some used scenery from their local habitat, and one student specifically selected artwork by Canadian indigenous artist, Dawn Omanwith Dawn’s permission – called “Sky Watchers”.


Fort Worden feather banner workshop

From polar bears to the Golden Gate Bridge – how to make your own flag banner in 8 hours!


Willunga, South Australia – making its name in the world of fabric art, one feather banner at a time, with Linda Sanders at the helm!