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NBN Co. fibre optic wins feather banners vote.

This blog is dedicated to NBN Co and the Willunga trial, one of the five first NBN release areas in Australia.

OzFeathers jumped at the chance to be included in the initial trial through Internode, and BOY! are we impressed!

World kites

Explosion of colour - NBN Co fibre optic WINS!

Before NBN and the fibre optic cabling, our internet was slow.  OzFeathers customers couldn’t view their feather banner designs because files were often too large to email.

Sketched requests for flag & banner designs had to be FAXed in, because our Inbox might have exploded!

World kites 2

Thailand to Australia to Korea - colour in an instant!

But, no longer!

OzFeathers have been designing and crafting street marketing banners & flags in Willunga since 1998, all without a bricks & mortar shopfront.

“The internet has definitely opened up the geographical scope of interest for our banners” said Linda Sanders, Creative Designer.

“Where we once spoke only with local and intrastate customers, we now have a wide circle of global links, using Facebook and LinkedIn.  This interest in a wider customer base has definitely blossomed since our NBN Co. connectivity.”

CONCLUSION – Could it be that Internet and Social Media connections will become THE way of shopping in the future, rather than currently as a diversionary option?