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Are you confused by the many names?  What exactly is a teardrop banner, flag banner, sail flag, feather banner, Bali flag, bowhead banner, blade banner, kite flag?


Each style has a unique function, and while many are often imported from Asia then cheaply printed in Australia, knowing the key differences can SAVE lots of money and frustration.


Teardrop banner, sail flag, bowhead, and blade banners can often be FLAT, held taut against the wind, and aimed at containing a lot of fine-print information.  Perfect for indoors alongside a display stand at a Trade Show.  Printed on polyester.  Not ideal for heavy-weather conditions.  Best for short burst promotions.


Flag banner, feather banner, Bali flag, kite flags work as they suggest – like flags, to cause active movement in the wind, to flap and wave with an inviting motion.  This requires WIND, so use this style outdoors where the wind is free.


There’s also indoor fabric and outdoor fabric.


Polyester (indoor) versus flag / nylon polymer (outdoor)

Where thinner polyester fabric is used in windy conditions the fabric threads quickly break down and lifespan is greatly reduced.  This won’t be a problem if the promotion / marketing time frame is a few weeks to a few months.


(Bali flags are exactly as they suggest – used in tropical Bali and traditionally made from highly-degradable, cheaper cotton.  Replace these often as cotton does not cope well in Australian conditions.)


Flag nylon / “SolarMax” has long been preferred for extended-life outdoor usage, as the fabric is four times thicker, and is pre-treated during milling to specifically withstand serious wind, UV-rays and rain.


Digital printing versus full-sewn applique

Drawing polyester fabric through a print machine is a relatively swift process.  Inks are drawn through the material to the reverse side, and SOME loss of colour density (paler) may be detected (example below left).  Printers overcome this lack of penetration by using thinner material which allows designs to be visible through the cloth on the reverse side.  However, thin fabrics don’t have long lives as flags or waving banners.


Are you paying for one-sided colour?

Are you paying for one-sided colour?


Flag nylon threads are pre-dyed BEFORE being cut and then sewn in full-applique method, so colour concentration is guaranteed 100% from BOTH sides (example above right).  Sewing all the components of the design together also offers a deeper colour mix, and messages are highly visible at greater distances.


OzFeathers ONLY use heavier-duty flag nylon specifically for the 100% brightness of colour plus toughness of construction for longer periods.  Appliquéing with SolarMax fabric also allows for regular maintenance – including being washable on Gentle Cycle in the washing machine to keep colours bright and fresh.


If lots of detail with indoor or short lifespan usage is best-suited to your needs, then printed teardrop banners, sail flag, bowhead and blade can be a quick solution.


However, when your ultimate aim is for DAILY hard work, in all-weather conditions, and to get your business NOTICED (not missed) by using vivid colour and movement, then only feather banners from flag nylon can achieve these aims.


Do YOU want to be NOTICED??!

Do YOU want to be NOTICED??!


We’d be happy to share examples of our many test pieces (the proof really is in the pudding!), simply email we’ll confidently answer all your questions.