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WHEN TO USE A … Beach Flag, Flag Sign or Feather Banner


Easy! When you feel the need to be seen.


BEACH FLAG: great for using on the beach or for any outdoor activity, where you need a position marker.


Ideal for ocean-swimmers to quickly see where they left their towel and the Esky!


When you’re meeting with family or friends at a busy Park and you want to point everyone to your patch.


At regular outdoor gatherings where crowds can happen quickly – but you don’t want to lose your place.


Beach flags can have whatever theme you want.

  • Kite fliers like to show their own styles.
  • Lovers of bright colours choose abstract images.
  • Someone loves dragonflies…
  • Proudly U.S. but with Australian links produced the country flags pairing
  • Souvenir of somewhere you’ve been, e.g. New York = Lady Liberty


Find your towel and Esky QUICK with beach flags.
Find your towel and Esky QUICKLY with beach flags.


FLAG SIGN: where the banner carries an important message for us to read.


Focus perhaps on the business’ name or website, or assist in brand awareness with the recognisable company logo, here at Tiffins on the Park or Joggers World.


BRAND AWARENESS is key - be memorable
BRAND AWARENESS is key – be memorable


Excellent for the business which may be hidden behind a large building, or where traffic is often parked outside blocking the view.


A boost to uniquely specialised businesses, drowning in a sea of the larger corporates, see Patchwork at the Bay Window.


Helpful and functional where traffic has only a fraction of a second to pinpoint the actual location, allowing sufficient time to indicate and pull in, like Alexandrina Cheese Company or Fleurieu Garden Centre.


BIGGER and BRIGHTER than A-frames.
BIGGER and BRIGHTER than A-frames.


Flag signs most often showcase

  • Big and Bold business names
  • Clever use of corporate colours
  • Corporate logo or typeface as brand reinforcement
  • Simplicity in design – easier to read
  • Your U.S.P. or the key product you’re famous for


What's YOUR one important message?
What’s YOUR one important message?

FEATHER BANNER: for sports events, trade shows and markets where a morale boost will aid success, e.g. Aldinga Netball


Sports teams with the competitive edge can often win on psychological advantage. By displaying a waving banner, your team is energised while your opponents can feel less fortunate!


Perhaps your sporting venue is hidden from passing traffic? Show your club colours as a waving welcomer.


For the sporting activity which is held outside a sporting arena, a feather will attract the right crowd = paying customers!


BOOST your team morale.  WINNERS!
BOOST your team morale. WINNERS!


Next time you’re lost at an event or you’re failing to grab the attention of visitors, think colour, think BIG, think waving – and let’s see how we can help!