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How easy is it to use an OzFeathers™ feather banner?

It is quick to assemble and ready to use right away. There’s no need to buy extra fittings, metal or wooden stakes, or PVC tubing which can deform in the heat.


How much does my artwork cost?

Charges vary depending on the detail in your banner. But we tell you up front. There are NO hidden extra costs, and we give you 2 hours FREE art and design time.

How big are OzFeathers™ feather banners? Are they just like other banners?

OzFeathers™ are a full 3 square metres of colour, standing 5 metres tall.

Your OzFeathers™ feather banner will stand “head and shoulders” above traffic, the crowds and other banners. Plenty of advertising space to get your message SEEN and UNDERSTOOD.

What are OzFeathers™ feather banners made from?

OzFeathers™ are fully sewn, applique (not printed) banners, designed for outdoor conditions.

We use the strongest, 200 denier SolarMax® banner cloth – not thin polyester!
With built-in UV inhibitor, OzFeathers™ banners resist fading and last up to 6X longer than other fabric products.


Is my OzFeathers™ feather banner only a one sided banner?

Absolutely not! OzFeathers™ banners can be viewed from both sides.
The SolarMax® fabric has the same colour intensity on both sides , and the applique technique ensures all seams are the same front and back.

How long does it take to make my OzFeathers™ feather banner?

Turnaround time is usually 10 working days. Or faster, if you ask for PRIORITY service!

Where can I see OzFeathers™ feather banners?

OzFeathers™ banners can be seen all over Australia, advertising businesses, at sporting and social events, schools and universities – just about everywhere. Check out examples on our Custom Designs page.

How should I care for my OzFeathers™ feather banner?

Abuse or neglect can reduce the life of your banner. But with care it will provide you with many months of eyecatching advertising.

  • Take your banner down at night or in winds exceeding 20 knots.
  • Allow a wet banner to dry thoroughly before rolling or folding it up.
  • Clean off any dirt or grime using mild soapy water.

    What else do I need to know?

    All the information you need is provided in the care and instruction sheet included with your OzFeathers™ feather banner system.
    If you have misplaced yours, we can supply you with another copy.