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Your own waving HEADLINE!

OzFeathers™, Australia’s finest fully-sewn, fabric feather banners,
are a complete display system for your business, event, or organization

A GIANT 5 metres tall, designed for MAXIMUM visual impact

3 WHOLE square metres of waving advertising space

The EASY way to make your business stand out!

Ozfeathers banners are portable, lightweight and EASY to manage – only 2 minutes to erect or dismantle.

Built using coloured fabric (NOT printed!) using the BOLDEST, BRIGHTEST colours.

Choose from over 30 colours.

Not sure what works best for you?

We can provide you with a range of design ideas tailored to your needs.
No need to settle for plain, generic messages – YOU get to choose.

Bright colours!
Eye catching message!
Your colour choice


Postal address

P.O Box 758
Willunga, S.A. 5172