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Single Line Kites

This page is constantly being updated.
Please be patient, there are many more photos to come.

For information on how you can own one of these or another design of your choice,
please feel free to contact me

Framed kites

“The Satellites” series

Totem kites

Delta kites

“Shard” style kites

Stacked diamonds



Zero wind gliders / light wind deltas

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Soft (inflatable) kites

“Road signs” series – available on a made to order basis.

“Constant speed!”

“Stop fooling yourself…”


“If nothing else works…”

“Here it is”

“Okay, everyone together”

“Hi there”

“Wot you lookin’ at?”

Custom Designs

How about your own design on the kite of your choice?
Here are some I’ve created specially to request.

Canadian/Australian wedding

A mother’s memorial angel

Festival of the Winds 1999 logo

Bermuda style & matching tail

From customer sketch, to finished kite

You and I are only limited by our imagination. Got an idea? Just ask!

For more information on how I can create the kite you want, just contact me HERE