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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Car yard banners

We are often asked “What is a good banner for our car yard?”

There are many different designs available – teardop banners, surf banners, quill banners, bowhead banners, beach banners, the choice seems endless. But with car yard banners there are two things that are really important – height and movement. After all, most people driving along outside your business have only a few seconds to find you before they have passed by completely.

Some banners are not much taller than the vehicles in the car yard. A 3 metre tall banner might have your company name and lots of colour on it, but if it is standing next to a 4WD family car the passing traffic won’t even see it.

Other banners are taller but are mounted so the material is held flat all the time. “Surely these are easy to see and read?” Well, yes…if you are already standing close by. But you want to attract customers who are driving past, not people who are already in your yard.

Movement is the most important, eye catching property you can use when attracting customers to your business location. 5 metre tall OzFeathers&#0153 banners which flutter like traditional flags draw people’s attention almost instantly.

Think about it! If you are driving along a street you don’t notice the person standing at the bus stop, but you do notice the person standing outside the pizza shop waving their arms (and a pizza box) at you.

Make sure you choose a banner that not only tells people who you are or what you sell …

… it stands out, it waves at them and it shows them where you are!