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Monthly Archives: October 2011

I want a teardrop-waving-banner-flag but don’t know what it’s called …

“Tall flaggy things”… “flag banners”… “feather banners”… “printed flags”… whatever name you choose, they’re all “Mobile Marketing”.


Unlike a fixed sign, or looks-the-same-every-day A-frame, banner flags can be erected in a fresh location on a daily basis.


Flinders St. Market

We design your feather flag as your promotional event banner


Many small business owners think only of newspaper ads. or letter box drops for their advertising, which can often show disappointing / short-term results.


The source of new traffic is just that – passing traffic! – making feather flags a win-win solution.  Unlike teardrop banners, beach flag-style are bright and highly visible above all vehicles and cost nothing to maintain (except for the occasional wash).


A single investment can offer more than 365 different advertising possibilities – a new one every day!  See our Facebook page!


A well-designed banner will stand outside all day in any weather and STILL make an impression on passers-by. It becomes the employee working for 40 cents per day (average), who won’t take any sick leave or be rude to your loyal customers.


OzFeathers / beach-flags / flag-banners outlast newspaper ads. by months and years.
They can be seen from every angle using FREE (eco-friendly) wind-energy.
They remain bright & cheerful even when the weather isn’t.



And they’ll never ask for a pay rise.