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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Tall flaggy things or small flat flags? To be seen by fast-moving traffic, or only by up-close pedestrians?

If using flat teardrop banners which are too short, your business is hidden by parked trucks & buses. Advertising failure.

When feather banners aren’t wide enough, your message waves too fast and is unreadable. Advertising failure.

When banners are too large they snag on trees & power lines. Advertising failure.

Vehicle size

STILL BE SEEN even next to parked trucks!

The ideal height for a feather banner is 5 metres. The flag now waves and is visible above passing traffic.

Your LARGE message is easily read.

Your advertising is active, not flat and static as on A-frames or teardrop banners.

Feathers (flag banners) wave constantly, even in the rain. They attract customers the whole year round and have proven more effective than newspaper ads.

Can cars read your current flags? If they’re not made from Type 6.6 Bright Nylon in 200 denier strength, then your banners aren’t as bright as OzFeathers’ feather banners.

Feather banners are designed like bird feathers with no sharp lower corner, so are safe to toddlers’ eyes.

CONCLUSION – Feather banners which wave and advertise and don’t complain about wet weather certainly equal Value For Money.

OzFeathers flags help advertise during Santos Tour Down Under 2012 Stage 5

Racing cycles through McLaren Vale, Aldinga and Willunga, it was much easier to see individual businesses with their tall waving flag banners prominently standing at 5 metres.

Flag Banners for Tour Down Under

Advertising feather banners

These bright nylon feather banners wave and stop traffic and are outside businesses such as Browse In & Save, McLaren Vale; Willunga Leadlights Glass Studio, Willunga; Pik A Pie Bakery, McLaren Vale; Old Bush Inn, Willunga; Minko Wines Cellar Door, Willunga; Leconfield, McLaren Vale; Almond Train Carriage Café, McLaren Vale; Pranava Yoga, McLaren Vale and McLaren Vale Florist.

Teardrop banners tend to “disappear” when the sail is held flat, but when the wind blows, the OzFeathers’ feather banners simply wave faster, and the advertising message literally jumps out for better results.

Make sure your feathers / flag banners are made from Type 6.6 Bright Nylon, the same fabric the Australian Flag is made from which sits above Government House in Canberra, or they’ll fade & wear out too quickly for long-life use.  (The nylon is 200 denier and used to be called “SolarMax” as created by DuPont. Any other fabric is only 50 denier polyester, so a quarter of the thickness.)

CONCLUSION – 2012 Santos Tour Down Under and OzFeathers feather banners – a win-win situation!