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Monthly Archives: April 2012

NEWSFLASH… ‘SALE’ flag banners in two startling colour schemes!

OzFeathers has introduced new colour schemes into our extensive collection of outdoor signage banners.

SALE in April - Special flag offer

As a 100% wholly-Made-In-Australia company, we’ve unveiled these new colour schemes to our large range of outdoor display signs / flags as our APRIL Special Offer.

This tough feather banner stands 5 metres high when erected. The nylon feather flag can have a stand-out red background with the word ‘SALE’ in contrasting white letters for maximum visibility, OR feature a bright fluoro-yellow background with the message in large, red letters for a stunningly different impact – our APRIL Special Offer.

The flag banner proclaims there is a “SALE” happening in stout, vibrant letters.  Placing this banner in front of a store or business will keep passers-by informed of events in any retail or non-profit establishment.

“The ‘SALE’ message banners are fully-sewn using pre-dyed flag nylon in bold, clear letters with a contrasting background so that customers can’t miss this important display,” said Linda Sanders, Creative Director at OzFeathers.

“The 200 denier flag nylon type 6.6 material used to craft this feather banner is the most durable for outdoor use in Australia, and is so bright that the ‘SALE’ message will be seen in all weathers (including rain), from a distance of up to half a kilometre, and even by traffic at speeds of 100 kph.”

OzFeathers’ APRIL Special Offer banner includes a fibreglass telescoping banner pole which keeps the flag’s message displayed in its distinctive feather shape, while still allowing for a full 360 degree rotation; traffic will SEE the ‘SALE’ message from any direction, on any day.

Continues Linda, “Unlike single-sided printed flags, the OzFeathers’ feather banner is always a two-sided display.  When this 5 metre waving sign flutters in the breeze, it’s impossible to ignore from any angle”

OzFeathers has specialised in crafting street marketing and art banners for over 14 years.  “Each of our uniquely-styled feathers is carefully designed and hand-crafted to specifically match each user’s needs – no two are alike.”

APRIL Special Offer – Order two ‘SALE’ from the two colour schemes above in April 2012 and pay only $370 plus shipping & GST.  SAVING $170.
(International orders accepted – some conditions apply).

Customised ‘SALE’ designs are still available as shown here below, but not included in the APRIL Special Offer.

SALE flag banners - custom designed

Custom designed - YOUR design choice

CONCLUSION – If it’s time for your ‘SALE’ – our APRIL Special Offer is here to help you!