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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Eurovision, Russian Grannies & inspiration for NEW flag banners!

Were you glued to the SBS coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012?

Our Women of the World series of artistic feather banners began life as single flag banners each representing a different nation.

The idealised image selected for Russia was the Matryoshka doll.  Here’s how the design drawings looked compared with the completed work.

Russian dolls

Russian Grannies - flag banner drawing board

Soon we’d added faces from China, Japan, Brazil, Spain even including males and statues! – pirate, harlequin, Easter Island and kabuki actors from Japan.

Additional designs also crept in, including Lady Liberty (New York), West Point Officer, Tramp, Uluru (Australia), Tropical kite scene (Caribbean).

Feather banners PLUS

... adding Statue of LIberty & Uluru flag banners

While most of our flags / feather banners may be simply street marketing for shops such as hairdressers, take away food outlets, car yards and hardware stores, we also love to design & create STUNNING fabric art!!

* Coloured pieces of fabric, sewn together to resemble the effects of leadlight.

* Bright in sunlight, explosions of colour on dull wintry days.

* The ooh and aahh of fireworks, without the noise & smell!


Flag banners are also art – Vote “Like” NOW!… and award “douze points” to these winners!

Facebook, NBN Co and Skype – Who’d see OzFeathers’ flag banners without them?


Thanks to Mark Zuckerburg and YouTube we now use Facebook to keep in touch with our kite friends globally.


Kevin Sanders kite, Linda Sanders flag banner

Flag banners or kites, Linda & Kevin Sanders – world renowned!

We can learn what’s new in Europe or Asia without actually going there.


We can discuss a new flag banner design idea, in less than 24 hours.


We’re doing market research on feather banners with hundreds of willing participants – at NO COST!


Thanks to Skype we’ve cut down our telephone costs (sorry Telstra!)


Now we have FREE face-to-face time with friends and clients.


Bookings and flight schedules are sorted in minutes.  Such a time saver!


Skype for no charge; get immediate answers.


Clear quality – as if we’re sitting with friends in California or Paris as we speak.


Thanks to NBN Co. and fibre optic Broadband which marries all our communication formats together, allowing OzFeathers to keep up.


CONCLUSION – By combining Facebook, Skype and NBN Co. OzFeathers artistic flag banners are rapidly gaining world fame!

Vehicle Wraps and Waving Flag Banners – Advertising with RESULTS!

Compare these two forms –

  • Yellow Pages / newspaper adverts


Car graphics, feather banners

MAKE the traffic SEE YOU!

Yellow Pages & newspaper ads are static.

They’re not always in your mind or hands.

They require effort to use or to achieve benefits.


Vehicle Wraps & flag banners are IN YOUR FACE!

They’re head-turning and curiosity-stirring.

Flag banners work with (FREE) wind.

Vehicle wraps work even when you’re parked at the supermarket.


All advertising is good advertising, but only some can be AMAZINGLY TERRIFIC!

Feather banners offer DOUBLE the advertising benefits by waving and rotating.

Vehicle wraps or graphics make you visible even when you’re away from your shop.

The best solution?

Do the MOST you can do to obtain the BEST benefits for your business’ bottom line.

CONCLUSION – If you don’t let customers know you’re ready, willing and able then your great products and service will remain hidden!

3 Questions to Ask your Flag Banner maker

  1. Will your feather banners be AUSTRALIAN made?
  2. Can you get repairs for accidental damage done quickly?
  3. How long will your flag banners last?
Curiosity messages

Curiosity Message Flag Banners – Get Traffic Interested!

So, are you looking for Australian-made or will imported, lower-quality be good enough?


Would you prefer to support Aussie made, or are you looking for short-life, quick-advert-fix only?


Will imported feather banners be as TOUGH as the ones Made in Australia?


For answers, do some comparisons between the two totally different fabrics – polyester (lighter weight) against flag nylon (heavy duty. as used for flag making).


Compare the fabric rating of 50 denier vs. OzFeathers’ 200 denier.  *** (Hint: the larger the number, the thicker the fabric.) ***


Hold the two samples up to the light and the differences are noticeable.  One will last up to 6 times longer… not hard to see which one.


When repairs are needed, only 200 denier can be matched to the original pattern to have fresh fabric inserted.  (50 denier once damaged, is usually a throw-away.)


Consider  printed banners where a seamstress won’t be sitting on hand, waiting for the occasional repair.  If the banners aren’t originally sewn on premises, then repairs will need to be found elsewhere.


Do you have time for that?!


Sewing applique

SEWN for toughness & easy repairs

How long do flag banners last? – is better phrased as “How long will my advertising dollars work?


Consider that one newspaper ad. might survive 24 hours before it’s headed into recycling.  That means that most readers will have seen your ad. just once for that investment.


Feather banners – solidly-constructed and using 200 denier flag nylon – offer 8 hours every day, in wind & rain, no sick days, no holidays, and without complaint!


*** Simply consider your waving banner as an unpaid employee ***


It can often be your hardest worker!


CONCLUSION – 500 days AVERAGE minimum advertising from ONE investment.  Priceless.