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Monthly Archives: April 2013

HOW SOON CAN OUR FOOTY CLUB HAVE A FLAG BANNER MADE? and other interesting questions.

Our local sports club, Willunga Football Club, asked us, “how soon?”


It’s almost like the question “how long is a piece of string?” It all depends on how much bang for your buck is desired.  Most times, that’s between 4 and 10 days.


We run the manufacturing process here ourselves, get the family to pitch in, all hands on deck.


Design work is handled via email 24/7, invoicing is done by email, and deliveries land on your doorstep via a reliable parcel delivery service in APD Parcel Delivery.


“How are OzFeathers Feather Banners unique?” especially when you’ve not even realised that there are major differences between teardrop and flag banner shapes.




OzFeathers will not scrimp on WOW!-Factor and only our waving billboards are made at 75 cms wide, on 5 metre poles


That’s serious IMPACT.


Standard printed banners are often a tiny 60cms wide, only 3 metres high.  Easily lost in the traffic.  Why spend your advertising dollars on something “shrimpy”?


Who wants a SMALL advertisement?  NO-ONE!!

Who wants a SMALL advertisement? NO-ONE!!




Don’t be fooled.  Any flag or banner waving frantically in the wind will wear out… eventually.  But, all that frantic waving is HIGHLY VISIBLE to traffic!


Traffic means customers, and that means… $ALE$.


A win-win situation.


(Advertising which works “hard”, plays “hard” and produces “hard” & measurable results.)

Tested under 24/7 conditions, our SolarMax Flag Nylon constantly averages a MINIMUM of 500 days of solid business use.  Some last as much as 3 years!


Make sure you ask your banner maker … but is it SolarMax flag nylon?”…


Willunga Football Club’s new banners were ready in just 4 days, in time for the start of their Season 2013.  Another WINNING year ahead?!  GO Demons!

Willunga Demons' psychological advantage - feather banners waving them on to WIN!

Willunga Demons’ psychological advantage – feather banners waving them on to WIN!