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Monthly Archives: June 2013

How Much Do Feather Banners Cost?


Flag or feather banners (used correctly) become an integral part of your self-promotional advertising.  “If It Is to Be, It’s Up to Me”


Showcase yourself BRIGHTLY.  Be SEEN!

Showcase yourself BRIGHTLY. Be SEEN!

NOT a fixed sign.

NOT an invisible A-Frame.

NOT a been-there-forever piece of furniture.


COST is quite different from VALUE. 


Cost is what you spend… to buy something.

Value is what the purchase then GIVES BACK.

Here’s Spike, giving back both value and immeasurable fun –

(Yes… Spike is available for hire for functions.)


When shopping, do you look for CHEAP first?  Then you find that QUALITY is what you’ll use more often?  Quality will make you FEEL BETTER.  The feel-good will be remembered longer than the how-much-was-it?


Here’s the key to finding VALUE in GREAT advertising…


Is your current banner as bright or bold?

Is your current banner as bright or bold?



Close your eyes.

Walk around in your own space.  It’s familiar to you.  Walk around items you know that exist.  You see them every day.


Now, have someone move a key piece of furniture – keep your eyes closed – now make that same walk-around.


No longer familiar surroundings.  You’re astutely aware of something NEW, so you pay careful attention to what and where it is.


This is how you want your customers to perceive you. 


Something new to see. 

Just like Kuitpo Forest (Mt. Compass) Strawberries did – now EVERY car travelling from Adelaide to Victor Harbor knows exactly where they are, right?


Mt. Compass landmark.  Bet you've SEEN these?

Mt. Compass landmark. Bet you’ve SEEN these?



Cost vs. value?


Outlay $100 on a local newspaper ad. (viewed once by a handful), producing 5 responses, total sales of $100.  Net result is 0%


Outlay $12,000 on a well-made TV-commercial and $20,000 on air-time (limited, it’s not forever), producing 200 responses, total sales $40,000.  Net result is a once-only 25%


Outlay $400 (ave.) on a feather banner, visible to all the cars driving by every single day (lasting up to 3 years).  That’s over 30,000 cars and minimum of 60,000 eyes per year.  All for one spend.



A quality-designed feather banner, less than $500, offering guaranteed every day viewing, come rain or shine, for every hour your business is OPEN, for up to 3 years, touching ALL age and taste demographics, and not once asking for days off, sick pay nor annual leave… who wouldn’t?


Now define Cost vs. Value

Cheap vs. Quality

Negative (going backwards) results vs. high return on investment (ROI)


If the public don’t know you’re there, and have no idea what it is you offer…  WHY?


KITE FLYING in SINGAPORE – NTUC income Kite Festival presented by ACT3 International 2013


Kite flying is fun – no doubt about it!


Large kites draw in large crowds of people from all ages.  Every target market covered in one place.


Kite festivals are popular in Asia and are often used as advertising for key-name sponsors.

Free wind, free sunshine, GLORIOUS coloured banners

Free wind, free sunshine, all for “Art on a Stick” banners display


Hundreds, even thousands of people mix together, bold advertising surrounds the field and sponsors’ Company names are broadcast frequently over the loud-speakers – an advertiser’s dream.


Every kite festival needs colour from ground to sky, which is where feather banners fit very well.


In Singapore on 1st & 2nd June, a group of international kite fliers presented kites as advertising.  OzFeathers displayed their “Art on a Stick” flag banners for ground colour.


When the rain came, everyone was drenched, but the sun quickly returned, and everything dried out.  Not a problem!  Children laughed, families watched, vendors sold food, drink, and a truckoad of kites.  All in 34C heat.


Kevin Sanders from OzFeathers had his star performer ready – “Spike” – and became the Pied Piper of Singapore.  Children stood watching, tentatively touching at first, then ultimately throwing caution to the wind and chasing Spike and Kevin to total exhaustion!


Pied Piper Kevin Sanders takes SPIKE on a hunt for more children...!

Pied Piper Kevin Sanders gives SPIKE a breather, while a huge BOL lies in wait for more children…!


Never say that kite flying is just for children, or that kites are simply toys.  For, if that’s true, maybe it means that none of us ever truly grow up?


Check out the world calendar for kite festivals co-ordinated by the American Kitefliers Association in case there’s one near you – we might just see you there!