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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Are You Annoyed with QUICK-FADE Flag Banners?


Are you replacing your printed Teardrop or Feather Banners in LESS than SIX MONTHS because they’ve faded badly?


Then it’s time to check out the facts about this fabulous fabric (as used here at OzFeathers )

  • SolarMax is 200 denier thickness (already 4X thicker than others)


Custom banners

Point of difference… how BRIGHT can you get?


  • UV-inhibitor coating to HOLD colour for up to 3 years.
  • Rot and mould resistant means GREAT in Australian weather (& rain!)
  • Repairable – no more throwing away after accidents, less trash means smaller eco-footprint
Sunshine at Christmas? - SURE!

Sunshine at Christmas? – SURE!

  • Average daily cost from 54¢ because they LAST LONGER!
  • Remember to AVOID ripstop nylon – the fade-rate is much higher. 

Banners from SolarMax, which OUTPERFORM… and STOP TRAFFIC FAST!?
Can only mean one thing and, that’s… cha-ching!




Is it a myth that any advertising is good advertising?   Examples of Advertising Slogans still highlight that simple is often best.


Now, how to match your flag banner to YOUR target market?


Think of the lowest common denominator – customers seek BRIGHT, they need SHARP, they need QUICK, or they’ll not remember you.


When thinking about flags or banners for your business, here are our tips on preventing your outlay from exceeding your expectations.



Wherever the weather can be hot, cold, wet, dry, look for fabric which has been thoroughly tested in all Australian conditions.


Ask for 200 denier SolarMax – it’s the most durable flag nylon in Australia for feather banners, and used exclusively on ALL OzFeathers feather banners.


Avoid ripstop nylon and 50 denier spun-polyester as they have a higher fade-rate.


  • Focus on IMPACT messages; don’t try to list everything on your shelves


K.I.S.S. - don't list EVERY product you sell.

K.I.S.S. – don’t list EVERY product you sell.


Traffic whizzes past every day.  They are all potential customers who won’t see what’s behind your windows.  Reduce the confusion by displaying LARGE, simple messages, either the business name or your key products or services.


This is where SIZE MATTERS.


  • Waving feather banners need to be BRIGHT and ACTIVE.


Avoid using muted tones.  Select vibrant colours which CLASH with one another.  You want to ATTRACT ATTENTION to yourselves, right?  Stop hiding behind a pale, ho-hum sign.  JUMP into the traffic’s consciousness.  Be memorable.


  • Effective art need not be the WHOLE image.  A HINT or a GLIMPSE still stuns!


Imagine you’re shown only a corner of a recognisable logo – you can feel your brain tingling with excitement as you realise, you KNOW WHAT IT IS! 


The same applies to waving flag banners, where drivers or passers-by need to be TEASED; their interest needs to be PIQUED.


And for those who say “but, advertising is expensive…” consider this from Thomas Jefferson – “The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.”


INVEST more flag banner colour into your business and discover the pot of gold under your own rainbow.