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Monthly Archives: September 2013

OzFeathers WINS “Flying High” Award at Bondi Beach Kite Festival

September 8th, 2013 marked ten years to the day since Linda Sanders last entered the annual kite-making competition organised by the Australian Kiteflyers Society.


Chinese Opera SINGS with Linda Sanders on Bondi Beach

Chinese Opera SINGS with Linda Sanders on Bondi Beach

The kite competition is run in conjunction with the annual Festival of the WindsSydney’s greatest kite flying festival (which also includes diverse cultural activities) co-ordinated by Waverley Council and Bondi Pavilion and held on the infamous Bondi Beach.


Linda’s newest kite design was judged to be worthy of peer recognition.


The kite is known as a “Betta Della Porta” and constructed entirely in 0.75 ounce ripstop nylon with hollow fibreglass spars.


The kite’s art design is based on Linda Sanders’ Chinese Opera feather banners which first appeared as her signature banner theme in 2006.


Coloured pieces of fabric were cut to match the design then sewn together to create the final image.


“People describe my work as either fabric-style-leadlight or stained-glass-fabric” Linda said.  “As the sun shines through from behind, the fabric appears to glow, so it’s important to use the right colour contrasts.”


“Festival of the Winds” recently celebrated its 35th Anniversary and featured international guests Karl Longbottom (UK), and Craig Hansen (Peter Lynn Kites, NZ).  They shared the beach with noted Tasmanian kite designer, Robert Brasington and other local kite flyers.


Adelaide’s Linda Sanders added colour to the beach with her display of flag banner designs, and also enjoyed time to fly her new kite.

Flying flags at Bondi Beach

Flying flags at Bondi Beach


Doesn’t the sky make the perfect art gallery?  There are no boundaries, and… it’s FREE!