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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Is your feather banner REALLY made in Australia?


Flag banners, teardrop banners and Bali flags might be printed in Australia, but… where are they MADE?


My role at Willunga-based OzFeathers is to design and help create every feather banner we make.  From raw materials; all made here in South Australia.

flag nylon glows

Colours POP! in sunlight


I choose to use only 200 denier banner nylon (branded “SolarMax”) because of its superior qualities in Australian conditions.  In every situation this fabric outperforms printed polyester.


Fully-sewn banners made from flag nylon far exceed the level of quality achieved from printed-only banners.  Lifespan is greatly increased!


Our collection of colours includes all the rainbow favourites with additional shades of blues, purples, browns and even greys.  Being bright is the key.


I’ve designed feather banners to match School emblem colours, football and various sporting teams, and even Visitor Information Centres.  These colours are no problem in sunlight.


Bright? – this is the greatest advantage in all of my designs.  The flag nylon I use has been pre-dyed, so colours are 100% consistent front AND back.  Rich colour shades which glow in sunlight.


Here’s how feather banners begin, with just a few short questions.

What is your business?

Where is your location?

What are your aims from vibrant street marketing?

Nobody wants to pay for advertising which FAILS, so, start with the RIGHT design.


I can work from a logo, or a theme, a website, or a colour scheme.  Tell me what you HOPE to gain from your new “employee”, and I can create the feather banner for those RESULTS.


My promise – there will never be an art fee, nor a set-up fee.


If it’s not the RIGHT design, it’s just not right!