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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Why the Sochi (Olympics 2014) flag banners and OzFeathers have little in common.


Feather banners for major sporting events, such as the 2014 Sochi Olympics, are often on display for just a few days at a time.  They’re pretty, delicate and primarily for decorating the scenery; especially stunning when snow makes the perfect backdrop.

Snow, snowboard... and printed flag banners!

Snow, snowboard… and printed flag banners!


Weather conditions are usually mild, as we see on the snowboard run in this photo by Nick Atkins/Scene Images, courtesy of Onboard European Snowboarding Magazine, so the banner material used can be much thinner than usual


These printed banners aren’t under any stress; the weather isn’t going to bother them in so short a term.


Once an event is over, short-term banners are no longer useful.  They’re already out of date, sponsors’ names will change, and every new season will have new colours.  They are quickly discarded into landfill, or secreted away

by eager souvenir-hunters.


OzFeathers’ feather banners are NOT for short-life sporting weekends.  They aren’t meant for throw-away since they’re sewn not printed; their focus is on long-term use.


Designed and manufactured in South Australia to withstand Australian weather.  Made here by Australians.


Stand out ABOVE traffic

Stand out ABOVE traffic


As a business owner, you won’t want to be replacing banners after only a few weeks!  You’ll be looking for the most efficient bottom line.  Cost over lifespan.  A daily investment in advertising which works for you.


Measurably efficient – you can ask your customers, “How did you find us?”  (Chatting to customers is the first step to a $ALE !)


One key difference of having your own customised feather banners is that they reflect your personality.  They make you, YOU. 

When being DIFFERENT is clever business!

When being DIFFERENT is clever business!


Standing out as DIFFERENT (special!) in your field is vital – if you look the same as your competition, how will your customers discover that your service or product is BETTER?


You’ll be looking for a design which DEMANDS TO BE NOTICED, but which won’t fall apart after 6 months.


You’ll want to stand head and shoulders above everyone else nearby.  (Curiosity is a known human quality – play to it to win!)


At OzFeathers, all we know is toughness, brightness, and strength.  Standing tall, Gold Medal gleaming.