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Monthly Archives: April 2014

How OzFeathers design customised feather banners for businesses, schools, sports clubs and Community groups.


If the ANSWER IS “Feather Banners”, then, what’s the question??


Are you looking for something which stops traffic?

Want more people in your shop?

Would you like better attendance figures?

Need something easier to see than a tiny A-frame?

You’ve heard that flag banners are everywhere, but, how to know what’s best?


Start with your optimum need.  Is it that you’re hard to find?  Are you a new business and still unknown?  Is traffic not aware that you’re OPEN for business?  Are you the BEST in town at something and need to shout it out?


Like Flinders Street Market – weekend artisan stalls, offering a variety of products.  We based designs on their website ad. poster, offered some layouts and, result!


Flinders St. Market

Design a feather banner – Flinders St. Market


Next, find your “self” – your uniqueness.  Your logo could be your focal point, or your brand name, or your key product or activity.


A fine example would be Willunga 100 Wines.  One logo, displayed 7 different ways.  Simplistic, but BOLD.  Eye-catching and effective.  Not cluttered, but with impact.


Feather Banner Willunga100

Take one logo – 7 feather banner layouts


Feather Banners McLaren Vale

The Almond Train – one logo, only two feather banners since 2008!

All we need is your logo as a Vector graphic file – usually called .eps or .ai and then we’ll do the rest. Sit back, focus on your business / sport / activity, and in 24 hours you’ll have a selection of layout ideas to think about.


Strike while the iron’s hot!


For the Almond Train of McLaren Vale, the same logo produced both their 2008 and 2013 layouts, maintaining the branding, but refreshing the message.


Traffic now stops because they’ve just realised their favourite spot looks “new” again!



Email us through the Contact Us page, and let us do the hard work; it’s what we do best!