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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Top 5 ways Feather Banners DEMAND to be noticed.


BRIGHT fabric.

STRONG design.

SIMPLE message.

BOLD contrasts.

HIGH visibility.

Abstract feather banner

OzFeathers clear-branding Feather Banner


OzFeathers’ feather banners are cut from 200 denier SolarMax banner nylon for the simple reason that it is the world’s BRIGHTEST fabric available for use in Australian sunlight.


Not one drop of ink is used – it’s been proven that inked colours fade faster.


INSTEAD… Banner nylon is dyed to give richer colours from day one.


Bright blues, greens, pinks, yellows, in fact, every colour glows vibrantly with daylight shining through.



Creating design layouts with high-impact graphic style is OzFeathers’ specialty.


How easy it can be to MISS seeing individual signs or A-frames in the sea of flag and signage graffiti when they’re too small, dull, or lacking in colour.


One big mistake could be by trying to add too much detail to the banner.


This is why OzFeathers’ creations start with the simplest message.  Next, shine a spotlight on the key focus.


Great advertising to bring great results.


There’s nothing worse than messages disappearing by being wishy-washy pale.


We avoid this by presenting high-impact colour combinations in each FREE-design offer for every customised feather banner enquiry.


TIPS: Stay away from red with pink, yellow with orange, white with silver.


Instead, opt for dark with light, black with yellow, purple with green, ruby with orange, turquoise with black & white.


Remember that traffic requires stopping time.


A bright, bold, vibrant feather banner, already waving in the face of oncoming vehicles, will also be highly visible.


Don’t allow your message to be hidden from view by being too small.


Be daring!… Be seen!