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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Feather Banners, Kites and Aldinga Beach – the Perfect Recipe for Tourism South Australia

Find an open expanse of sand… fly the feather banners… loft some kites… then wait for the cyclists – that was our plan for Saturday, 25th January 2015.


Santos Tour Down Under

Feather banners JAZZ! up Aldinga Beach for SANTOS Tour Down Under

Stage 5 Santos Tour Down Under certainly added the icing to the SA Tourism cake, by sending the racing cyclists past our beach position three times in three hours!


Santos Tour Down Under

Tour Down Under, eyes LEFT!

Helicopters hovered overhead to capture magnificent shots of our Owl and Angel Fish kites.  Oh, and the cyclists, too…


flag banners for Tour Down Under

Tour Down Under cyclists’ view of the feather banners (if they’d looked over their shoulders…)

Tour Down Under kites

Angel fish kites SWIM! busily above the sand

Motorcycle cameramen snapped busily away at the speeding Peloton as it zoomed past, catching splashes of colour in the background.  (Thanks to “The Advertiser / Sunday Mail” for

Sunday’s double page spread…)


Many of these images which were then beamed around the world; people as far away as Canada saw Linda & Kevin hard at play – well, on our day off.


Over the years, we’ve supplied artistic colour to various Tour Down Under locations, including Strathalbyn, Stirling, Aldinga, Willunga.

When it’s your town or business, and you’re seeking some high-visual recognition, then that’s what we love to do.


Colourful, fabric art banners, all made here in South Australia, guaranteed self-promotion so YOU can be found on the tourism map.