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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Feather Banners… Quality Service vs. “Cheap”?


Where has the old-style “Corner Store” service gone? With the influx of imported Asian-made flag banners, has that “All Australian Made” tag lost its attraction?


Not at OzFeathers.


When you phone or email, you can be sure that Linda Sanders, CEO, will remember you.


“G’day, it’s Bob from Bob’s XYZ Store”, will be greeted with, “Hi Bob, long time no see! How’s business?”


That’s why the OzFeathers’ team excels at customised feather banners for small business advertising – no detail is too small to them. Remembering those tiny details gives Linda the edge over the sales-only-focused larger printing firms.

Semaphore Kite Fesitval

Semaphore Beach lights up with Feather Banners

OzFeathers’ mantra is still, “Yes, we’ll help you get your business noticed” – and they do it with style, speed and a friendliness which takes you back to that much-loved Corner Store era.

Feather Banners glow in sunlight

Stained glass? – No, Feather Banners!


Linda’s job is to design and work with the cutters & sewists, overseeing every feather banner from conception to making, using only raw materials and all made here in South Australia.


Every banner is made using only 200 denier banner nylon (branded “SolarMax”) because of its superior qualities in the Australian weather.


“Nobody wants to pay big dollars for something which lasts only a few months,” Linda said.


“Attention to detail and the quality of our work are VITAL to be sure that our customers won’t need to worry about their feather banners for possibly up to 3 years.”


“We can hear them thinking, ‘that’s one thing we don’t have to worry about again for quite a long time.'”

Flag banner by Linda Sanders

Feather Banner on the cutting table



OzFeathers are first-name basis people – there’s very little Corporate-speak and each enquiry is handled with a personal touch. No salesmen to hassle you, and none of the must-meet-monthly-target-sales pitches. Just honest-to-goodness small business etiquette.


Linda admitted, “We value the quality of our relationships with customers. We’re a family-owned small business too, so we’re on the inside, facing similar day-to-day issues on how to be successful in business.”


Small business owners all have individual needs. It’s clear they don’t want a one-size-fits-all kind of service.


OzFeathers guarantee to put Quality (with a capital “Q”) first. They know there are various cheaper-quality options out there, but they’re confident that OzFeathers’ toughness and brightness are KEY ingredients to effective promotional advertising for any business.


“Enquirers often start unsure or confused, but certain that their businesses need SOMETHING punchy to attract streams of new customers.”


OzFeathers definitely specialise in “PUNCHY”!  “We’re Australia’s GO TO people for… Bigger. Brighter. Tougher. You just can’t beat quality.”