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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Where are customised feather banners SEEN in Adelaide?

Willunga-based artists at OzFeathers share some of their feather banner designs currently used around Australia.


Victor Timber and Fasteners, Victor Harbor


The business featured this month is a recently-opened operation on Mill Rd, which is set off the main thoroughfare and difficult to see.

Victo Timber hidden

WHERE are they? Are they open?


We started by asking owner, Rodney Beauchamp, what his thoughts might be on a design idea.


logo file

Business logo = NO problem!


With the business having a distinctive logo, we suggested he email it to us, for our concept drawing suggestions.  We were able to offer him three initial choices.


Victor Timber finished

Eager to work, their Feather Banner message is clear

We carefully blended their identifiable chainsaw-and-saw-line logo with a strong, clear font.


Laying these on a white background, the finished text measures 1.8m x 36cm.


“OPEN” now stands at a conveniently readable 3 metres above the ground.


That’s quite advantageous when surrounding businesses are still using A-frames at the height of a mere one metre tall…


Five metres of waving, dancing, “WE’RE OPEN!  OVER HERE!” now makes a convincingly BOLD statement to all the passing traffic from up to half a kilometre away.


“It’s a great way to let people know we exist and are OPEN” Rodney said, as he rushed back to attend to his next customer.


When the goal is to BE SEEN, OzFeathers are keen.