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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Astronauts prepare for “Festival of the Winds” 2016


With Bondi Beach’s annual “Festival of the Winds” kite festival over for another year, it’s time to plan for 2016.


Jan O’Loughlin is a Queensland-based kite designer and her inflatable Astronaut kites are extremely popular with kite fliers everywhere.


Her designs are made available worldwide through PeterLynn Kites, New Zealand.


First three Astronaut kite

Beginning the feather banner


A Canberra-based owner of a pair of Astronaut kites asked us to work on a NEW feather banner to display when he’s out at his local flying area.  His way of saying “I’m over HERE!”


Knowing that Jan’s kite designs make such a statement in the sky, we decided to create a scene where the Astronauts appear to hover in outer space… totally at home with their surroundings.


Second Astronauts feather

From Outer Space to our cutting table


We start with a photo of the two kites in the sky. Our patterns are created from high resolution images of the kite(s) in question, and from there we move on to the cutting.


Sewing feather banner at

Securing the joins with stitching – fabric leadlight


Sewing the designs can be an intricate task, but we take the time to produce high-grade seam work, always, with stunning results.  In the sunlight, our (as yet) unnamed Astronauts seem to have an eerie glow about them!


Astronauts banner finished

Astronauts feel the wind beneath their …


So, keep your eyes peeled – this might be seen on a flying field near YOU!

Go BIG! – Go BOLD! – Get Noticed!