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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Saluting the flag or feathering the imagination?


“Sail flags”… “flags”… “feather banners”… what ARE they called, and do they really wave energetically at the hordes of passing traffic?


As an all-Australian-Owned family business, OzFeathers have designed and crafted FEATHER BANNERS since 1998.  They focus on individualistic messages, so that no two are ever alike.  Who wants advertising which looks the same as everyone else’s?


Business owners – wondering how to keep ahead of their competition – rely on feather banner marketing to do all the hard outdoor work, when long-term advertising is needed.


Newspaper ads. or letter box drops may work short term, but are soon forgotten. Smaller, flat teardrop flags can be easily missed.  Passing traffic needs to SEE a business often from hundreds of metres away, prompting the “stop here!”


Kuwait sizing

Blend into the background, or… HI-VIS for hundreds of metres?


Feather banners are the WIN-WIN solution.

  • Always brighter and taller offering leadlight-glow plus stand-out waving.
  • Highly visible above even tall vehicles. No more hiding behind a bus!
  • Cost nothing to maintain (except for an occasional wash) for up to 3 years. Repairs are possible.
  • Slower-to-fade nylon, the tougher alternative to printed polyester.


Banners by OzFeathers are the single investment which can offer more than 365 different advertising possibilities – a new waving spot every day – bonus!


Each unique flag banner will stand outside all day in the weather and attract new traffic and passers-by. This is the employee working for 40 cents per day (average), who won’t take any sick leave or be rude to your loyal customers.


OzFeathers’ tall flaggy things / flags / feather banners will outlast newspaper ads. by many months, sometimes years.


They’ll be seen from every angle using FREE eco-friendly wind-energy.


They’ll stand bright & cheerful even when the weather isn’t.


And they’ll never ask for a pay rise.