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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Big and Bright Feather Banners are made here in SA


You can buy pale, cheap, imported flags and teardrop banners anywhere, but why would you when the biggest and brightest are made locally in SA?


Your banner advertising needs pizzazz.  No need to settle for “simple” when it’s easy to be the brightest star in your universe.


Feather banners Faces

Guaranteed BRIGHTEST fabric, plus slow-to-fade treatment coating


Your message is important to your customers; make it SING not whimper.


Feather banners with a JUMBO-sized message are a must if you’re to stand above your competition.  Grab customers by the eyeballs!  First impressions matter.


Shun ineffective advertising.

No more pale…

No more small…

No more “can’t read”.


Printed banners teardrop

Too pale?   Too small?   Printed for short-life?   Detail overload – can’t read?


Create your own “something special” by collaborating with OzFeathers’ designers expertise – there’s NO fee for our input.


Go for the best, and ALWAYS demand premier quality.


Nobody wants to see traffic passing them by – choose BRIGHT!  BIG!  Go BOLD!

Adelaide’s Feather Banners are TOUGHEST!


When FEATHER BANNERS are made with 200 denier flag nylon, there’ll be some heavy-duty manufacturing involved.


Feather banners not printed

Up close heat-weld-sewn tough



What are the benefits to using such a high-denier count fabric?


  • Strength & longevity.
  • Durability in the outdoors.
  • Repair-ability (which can extend lifespan further).
  • Weather-resistant.


Rezz Hotel Feather Banners bright

Make your advertising BRIGHT and EYE-POPPING



Compared to thinner flags (which use only 50-denier or lower-quality fabric) this pre-dyed flag nylon is already FOUR TIMES thicker & stronger long before any cutting happens.


Working with nylon fabric (there’s nothing flimsy about this material) a tough assembly procedure is needed.


Introducing… heat-weld-sewn.


Rezz Hotel yellow Banner

Yellow POPS! when sewn onto black – BE SEEN!



Using a heat-sealing cutting process means no fraying.  All edges are automatically sealed when being cut.


The welding step involves each layer of fabric being firmly bonded – “melting” the layers together creates a sealed join with non-fray edges.


The final step where all the layers are now sewn securely together produces a FEATHER BANNER which can withstand a wider range of outdoor weather conditions.  REZZ Hotel can be seen for hundreds of metres.


Feather banners Rezz Hotel

Ostentatious signage? YOU BET!



Outside is where your advertising needs to be, not hiding under a verandah sheltering from the wind.  Be the EYE-POPPING stand-out-act which attracts customers!


This heavy-duty procedure can only be achieved using 200 denier DYED fabric.  When it’s dyed fabric, and heat-weld-sewn made-in-Australia, be prepared for your advertising to outlast the others by miles.

Feather (Flag) Banner reviews 2016


It’s Autumn 2016, so let’s hear from recent reviewers as they speak candidly about their own banner designs.


From South Adelaide Real Estate, neighbours to a well-known landmark – Jimmies Takeaway & Pizza – Peter Readett tells of his feather banner’s success rate.


“Significant signage on the Esplanade location makes people take notice… they remember seeing a sign” – assuredly a good thing, considering how drivers might be distracted by the amazingly beautiful Aldinga scenery.


Helicopter-service operators, Helivista Pty Ltd, confirm, “OzFeathers = Excellent company.  Very professional service.  High quality product.”


Helivista’s services include scenic flights, general charter and aerial work. When much of their work is done up in the air, the necessity to have advertising on the ground is vital, shown here second from left.


Feather banners reviews

Blowin’ in the Autumn winds – brighter, bigger, tougher FEATHER BANNERS, win-win!


McLaren Vale region is famous for its vineyards and Cellar Door wine sales, so with a temporary pop-up cellar door in McLaren Flat, the staff at Mr. Riggs needed an edge. A feather banner with a simple, bold message has resulted with,


“It has definitely pulled customers into our Cellar Door.”  Cha-chingg! – success!


Not only for business owners, feather banners are popular for Community groups, keen to build their membership by appealing to all generations.


Aldinga Bay Bowling Club has done just that, saying that their crisp, clean design has been “good advertising” for marking their location and telling the frequency of activities.


While the local swimming pool in Cummins, SA, may now be closed for the winter, the results from an outstanding summer show exceptional response.


“While our facility is not by the main road, our feather banner can be viewed from afar.”  Highlighting the importance of high-vis-at-distance appeal.


“The product is outstanding.”  Which is another word for “Rememberable” – getting your activity SEEN, promoting your location, and offering that non-stop waving invitation to JOIN IN!


All the way to USA where Gary Pearlman (AKA Dr. U. R. Awesome) is thrilling audiences with his bubble-blowing technique.  As the current holder of two Guinness World Records, he’d been looking for a feather flag banner to proclaim his achievements.


When the parcel containing his banner arrived in Ohio, his response was, “Sssooo AWESOME! Thanks..I love it!”  That makes all of us… AWESOME!


Yoga lovers!  Keep your eyes peeled in Paynesville VIC. for the design we made for Swan Cove Yoga.  Initially the idea was for a plain background, plus “YOGA”, but we felt the message could use some *dazzle*.  So, why not smarten it up with part of their logo?


Kirsten Mackintosh, Director, says foot traffic is minimal, but multitudes of cars stream past every day, and the Centre had been needing a jump-out message.


“Easy to put up and big impact – very impressed with your service, too.”  Why, thank you, Kirsten.


It’s plain to see, when you want to be SEEN, go straight to the biggest & brightest.