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Monthly Archives: June 2016

SA Feather Banner Makers – Popular Overseas


Summer in USA, Europe and Asia brings everyone outdoors.  Shops are keen to boost their sales figures and families go seeking fresh-air outdoor events.


Feather banners Dubai International Kite Festival

Demanding attention at Jumeirah Beach, Dubai


OzFeathers in Willunga say that their feather banners have never been so much in demand.


“Business owners want to spruce up their shopfronts – their “face” to the public.  After a dreary winter season, no-one wants to be seen with last season’s peeling paint or drab-looking flag banners.”


For family days and outdoor fete organisers, these superior-quality event-markers succeed in attracting widespread attention.  Just as we might notice the white tip of a dog’s tail as it bounds past, the bouncing wave of feather banners is guaranteed to attract the eye faster than any static signage.

Daffodils feather banner

“Cathedral-window stained glass-look” feather banner POPS! in sunlight


Human nature is such that we’re drawn to colour and movement, and feather banners offer the added benefit of happily working with eco-friendly (and FREE!) sunlight and wind energy.


The wind acts as the motor, driving the flag banner’s energetic movement in even the slightest breeze.


Sunlight supplies the glow factor, producing the same effect on the fabric (being backlit) as that seen in Cathedral stained glass windows.


“No other fabric offers the same “Come here!” qualities, where a whisper of breeze and glorious sunshine are all that’s needed to turn the hum-drum-ordinary into stunningly appealing advertising.”


Made in South Australia and now shipped globally – OzFeathers, the originals.