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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Feather Banners – Artistic Advertising for Churches!


With Churches becoming more and more high-tech like Guy Sebastian’s Paradise Church, advertising flair is becoming a must-have.


Church advertising banners

When Churches need an EDGE – feather banners sizzle


Feather banner advertising is being used more and more to spread the Churches’ welcoming messages.


With full-wave and high-glow colours, artistic style now blends with marketing know-how to expertly showcase each Church’s WOW! to passing traffic.


For Aldinga’s St. Ann’s Church on Main South Road, we initiated our research with photographs of the original 1866 Gothic style building, then focused in on the tower and spire which were added in 1911.


Feather banner St Ann's drawn

From photo reality to the drawing board

Drawn to in situ

From drawn… to sewn… to HAPPY Parishioners at St. Ann’s Anglican

Influenced by those photographs, OzFeathers’ design team created a range of layouts featuring the tower and spire,  a background view of the Church Cemetery plus a bold “Welcome” message, intent on showing everyone when St. Ann’s is “open for business”.


Traffic would zoom by at 80kmh in this section of Main South Road, often oblivious to St. Ann’s history and location.  Parishioners began to feel they deserved more than a cursory glance and sought our help.


The results speak for themselves – at a funeral held there one weekday afternoon with their feather banner busily waving in full view, the Main South Road traffic temporarily slowed as a mark of respect for an elder statesman’s service.


How can Church groups boost attendance at community-based events held at special times of the year?  Family days certainly lend themselves to the adding of colour and motion, and OzFeathers’ mesmeric feathers wave and appeal, whether walking, riding or driving by.  (… more public awareness also equals greater attendance numbers!)


Feather banners confidently fuse an aesthetically-pleasing aura with advertising-necessities such as key message and uniqueness.


Why shouldn’t advertising also be art?


OzFeathers’ designs offer attractive, expressive styling and never shirk on the job of hard-work waving.

Willunga-made Feather Banners BEAT all the others!

Kuwait sizing

Be different – like stained glass windows

How important is lifespan in a flag banner?  Some can last only for a weekend event while others manage 6 – 8 weeks for a Sale promotion.


Is there a long-term solution to banners which fade?


“Feather Banners” are hand-crafted right here in SA by OzFeathers. These banners are made from a uniquely tougher fabric which comes complete with a UV-inhibitor coating, and are fully-sewn to offer leadlight-window-radiance.


Fully-sewn banners are exactly that – each part of the design is sewn into the material to ensure a longer-lasting and smart-looking waving banner.  This is the same fabric used to make the flags for Government House and the Australian Defence Force.  TOUGH is the necessary quality.


Think of the stationary sign or flat banner – their job is to tell people where a business is located.


Now consider a rotating and waving feather banner (picture the colourful Parisian Notre Dame window then imagine it dancing boldly in front of the traffic) – and suddenly you have the POWER TO ATTRACT.


Flat and unmoving signs are missed by fast-moving traffic.  We’ve all driven past locations not realising they exist, because flat messages don’t move.  They don’t appeal.


Feather banners are so-called because they feather in the wind.  Mesmeric, like waves on the ocean.  “Come over here!…NOW!” they command!


Willunga is home base for OzFeathers’ personalised feather banners, and designs are now being shipped globally: each one created individually and crafted to customers’ particular desires.


Design advice and initial layouts are offered as part of the complete package in street marketing. Logos are no problem. Cleverly-designed images add sparkle.  First, think bright, and then, think bold.

flag nylon glows

Colours POP! in sunlight

It’s vital for businesses to be DIFFERENT.


Traffic passes so many mass-produced printed banners which all blur into sameness.

DIFFERENT makes a mark.

DIFFERENT creates a lasting impression.

DIFFERENT intrigues and entices…


How many cars drive by every day?


Each is potentially a new customer, so show them you’re OPEN for their business, by making sure your street marketing looks extremely inviting and lasts for a longLONGL-O-N-G time.