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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Feather Banners – Want BRIGHT? Want slow-to-fade?


“Fully-sewn appliqué”… or… “Full-colour dye-sublimation”?


Appliquéd (fully-sewn) feather banners are the ONLY banners to use pre-dyed fabric.  These dyed colours are consistently 100% BOTH sides, always, and comparatively slower to fade.


Kites Over Lake Michigan

USA loves our brighter, punchier feather banners!


Slower fading translates to longer lifespan saving on advertising dollars; more cha-ching! for you as business owner.

Tour Down Under beach flags

During SANTOS “Tour Down Under”on Aldinga Beach, feather banners make a SPLASH…




To give our feather banners long-life, we sew using only 200 denier “SolarMax” flag nylon.  This heavy duty fabric is coloured during the weaving process (not printed with inks as an afterthought), meaning colours will not change or lose brightness when caught in the rain.



Close up stitching

Worm’s eye view – applique sewing at its finest


The addition of a special UV-inhibitor coating to the fibres offers exceptional fade-resisting properties, allowing colours to remain richer for longer.


Strongly-sewn appliqué seams, fade-resistant colours, and extra cha-ching! with 3 square metres of valuable advertising space = must be OzFeathers’ feather banners!


Production time can be as little as 4 days – for when a HURRY UP is needed – or, your hand-crafted feather designs can be ready within 10 days, standard.


There’s still plenty of time to have your advertising ready for the Christmas shoppers, but they need to SEE you, first!