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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Marketing with confidence – Feather Banners DO work!


Advertising at street edge can be A-frame or flag banner, but how to know what actually works?

Mt Compass feather banners

“Vividly promoting Harvest The Fleurieu – strawberry picking at its finest – on the Victor Harbor Road, Mt Compass, these dancing images demand attention from traffic in both directions.”


Comparing a static A-frame to the always waving, non-stop rotating feather, it’s easy to see how movement has greater impact on potential customers.  Waving-and-dancing produce the “LOOK HERE!” effect.


Newspaper ads and letterbox drops may grab a few seconds of the reader’s attention (then they’re straight into recycling), but, introduce something big and bold made from twirling flag fabric, complete with colour-rich billboard-sized messages, and you’ve captured the eye immediately.


These messages register. Traffic remembers you!




Heads turn at the sight of OzFeathers’ feather banners.


Cars slow down, ready to pull into your car park.


The sound of retail shoppers or thirsty patrons march a pathway to your door.


And, all because they SAW your flag colourfully flashing your message at them.


Feather banners Main Rd McLaren Vale

“Standing tall outside McLaren Vale businesses, these feather banners DEMAND attention.”


Have you checked your marketing banner lately?

Has the teardrop faded into the background already?

Are you being as bright and appealing as you could be?


February is THE time to refresh your waving flag; GRAB those customers while the sun is out.  Don’t let them pass you by.
Customised banner messages can be used to say –

  • Open, Sale, % OFF
  • “BEST” something – coffee, sandwiches, gifts
  • Proudly display your logo / name, brand yourself boldly
  • Distinctively showcase YOU – separate yourself from competitors


OzFeathers’ banners are all designed & hand-crafted in less than 2 weeks using local in-home sewists.


Your feather banner doesn’t need any professional artwork; simply ask our in-house designer.  Just describe your thoughts, then leave the rest to the experts!


Check us out online for examples


Or, in our photo albums on Facebook


Whatever you do, don’t settle for “But, they faded within 6 months”.  Start with the brightest and toughest flag nylon, and SHOUT!! your message out to traffic.


Watch OzFeathers being made here.


Call or send an enquiry today, we’re online, ready and waiting.