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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Buy your Flag Banners from the SA Manufacturer


  1. Where are OzFeathers made and is after-sales service available?
  2. Are spare parts and repairs possible?
  3. Will all flag banners be bright, bold and tough?


Storage 200 flag banners

Glowing messages are READABLE!


Imported flag banners often use thin material – a mere 50 denier.  That’s similar to shower-curtain strength; not designed to be long-life.


OzFeathers (designed and manufactured here in SA) use only 200 denier fabric = four times stronger. Life expectancy can be anywhere between 2 to 5 years, weather dependent.


When you’re talking with the manufacturer, there’s NO middle man. You’ll receive our lifetime guarantee that NO-ONE ELSE will have identical graphics, giving you individuality in your advertising.


OzFeathers are made using our specialised **hot cut, hot-weld and sew** process (shown below) to craft Australia’s toughest feather banners for our weather conditions.


Made here in Australia, to work here.  SA-made from raw materials, with spare parts stored here.


Applique zoom BioR

Mosaic-like in close up – every detail firmly sewn to create fabric leadlight effects.


People ask us, “Why are OzFeathers so much brighter?”


Our woven fabric is dyed at the mill before weaving, to make it colour-fast.  There’s no chance of colours running when it rains.


We’re SA local & family-owned, so you’re talking to the people who own the business; we really do know the importance of “I need it NOW!”


“How long will my advertising work for me?”


Most definitely for 8 hours every day, in wind & rain, no sick days, no holidays, and without complaint for MANY months – can even be years.  Consider your non-stop waving banner as an unpaid employee – it’s sometimes your hardest worker.


CONCLUSION – “Speculate to accumulate” translates to “invest in tough, bright and bold flag banners TODAY… then let your advertising do many months of hard work, boosting your bottom line while showcasing your own fabulous service.”