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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Why Choose a Feather Banner Rather Than a Teardrop Flag?


5 simple reasons show how FEATHER BANNERS outperform against the older teardrop shape.


1. Teardrop banners are flat.


FEATHER BANNERS may look flat, but with just a puff of breeze they immediately jump into waving action. Dancing with abandon in front of traffic, FEATHER flags have the (wavy) edge over anything which stands flat.

Feather banners Uluru, Opera House

Easily recognised the world over, these scenes of Uluru and Sydney Opera House are featured on Linda Sanders’ series of feather banners – for OzFeathers.

“Can you see me?!” is the feathering action – and the bold message on a FEATHER BANNER is the immediate invitation to traffic, “COME HERE, NOW!”


2. Teardrop flags offer small ad. space.


FEATHER flags offer twice the space with double the punch.  Every corner is usable for the largest of messages.


Remember “Supersize Me”? – these are messages with “supersized” power to attract customers to YOU, not your competition.


3. Teardrop banner colours pale into insignificance quite quickly.


Flag material used in banners will vary from cotton to thin polyester, but for OzFeathers’ FEATHER BANNERS we choose 200 denier-tough nylon, and only with a UV-inhibitor treatment which slows down the fade rate.


200 denier flag nylon colours won’t run in the rain, because these are DYES, not inks.  Dyed colours start brighter and hold colour longer, so your message stays bright and bold for many, many months.


4. Teardrop banners “disappear” when winds change direction.


The rotation on a flat teardrop means the message face will often be pointed AWAY from your potential customers as the winds fluctuate.


This doesn’t happen with FEATHER flags, simply because while they’re spinning they’re also waving, and movement is constant, regardless of which way the wind blows.  Remember the “Energizer Bunny”?


A little like someone standing with their back to you but still waving their arms wildly.  “Come on OVER HERE!” is still a clear message.


5. Teardrop banners lack “oomph”.

Feather flags outperform teardrop

Compare flat teardrop to waving, rotating FEATHER BANNERS


The flat / pale / turned the wrong way teardrop can’t compete for traffic’s attention when alongside a FEATHER BANNER.


FEATHER flags will flutter, move around constantly, always with the cheeky wave to say “You can’t miss ME!”, and with the added glow of the colours in sunshine, FEATHER BANNERS are the epitome of appeal to the eye; it’s impossible to miss their bright and perky messages.


OzFeathers proudly craft South Australia’s ultimate FEATHER BANNERS, right here in S.A., and all from raw materials. Contact us now to learn more.