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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Australian Feather Banner teacher is USA-bound


Local Willunga-based fabric artist and kite flyer, Linda Sanders, considers crafting flag banners to be her “thing”.  Working originally as Kite Lady, her first Aussie-made feather banner debuted in 1998.


Her technique of arranging coloured pieces of flag nylon in fabric-mosaic style quickly became popular with small business owners; everyone wanted their street marketing flags to have a difference, and soon, OzFeathers, the company, was born.


Feather flags at U-MAKE

From Australian fauna to the red, white & blue – banner flags in all descriptions.

Now twenty years on from that first creation, Linda is demonstrating feather banner design on a global scale, with the USA her upcoming target.


Starting her 3-week teaching spell, the first hands-on workshop will be at Lorado Taft Field Campus, Orego, Illinois for the Upper Midwest Area Kitemaking Event. Her students here will make their own 3 metre banners from pre-cut kits. The chosen artistic creations will range from the simpler “Plume” design through to extremely challenging self-designs. March 3 & 4 2018 should see over 40 amazing feather banners on display (or, at least, well on the road to completion.)


Linda won’t be resting on her laurels following her departure from Illinois, as her next workshops will be held March 10 & 11 2018 at World Kite Museum, Long Beach, Washington State.  Here, participants will study how to work with 200 denier flag nylon using a technique known as hot-dot-welding, and at the close of each day, a stunning array of newly-made beach flags will be displayed at the Museum.


Bookings are essential for this weekend as kits are limited. Phone the Kite Museum to be sure of your place and kit choices. (360) 642-4020


Long Beach Kite Museum flag banner workshop

Long Beach, WA, USA – coming alive with feather banners!


For her final weekend on American soil, Linda’s single class on Friday March 16 2018, will be at the Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference, which is held annually at The Warm Beach Camp and Conference Centre, Stanwood, Washington.  This particular class will be for the more experienced level, and aimed at students who learned the basics in her 2015 class.


Requiring a solid 8 hours with dedicated concentration, each participant will work with Linda to craft their uniquely individualised designs.

Each design started as an idea / rough sketch by the individuals, where some chose abstract art, some used scenery from their local habitat, and one student specifically selected artwork by Canadian indigenous artist, Dawn Omanwith Dawn’s permission – called “Sky Watchers”.


Fort Worden feather banner workshop

From polar bears to the Golden Gate Bridge – how to make your own flag banner in 8 hours!


Willunga, South Australia – making its name in the world of fabric art, one feather banner at a time, with Linda Sanders at the helm!

Quoted Macbeth, “Hang out our banners on the outward walls.”


Macbeth followed with, “They come!” – William Shakespeare at his best, known globally as “The Scottish Play.”


Macbeth had it correct – by hanging their flags on the outer walls of the castle (his domain) the rival soldiers were encouraged onward.


Just as feather flags still do – inviting the curious to come closer, take good look, saying “THIS place is worth looking at.”


Whale kite and banners Emu Park

Follow the colours to Fisherman’s Beach.


Starting with bright colours (SolarMax 200 denier, deep, rich colours) and working with a leadlight Cathedral-window style of mosaic, feather banners have become the major attraction for many small business owners – keeping the edge over their competition.


OzFeathers’ only focus is, “Be Bold, Bright and Beautiful.”


Community event organisers also rely on banner flags to draw attention to outdoor, family gatherings, such as the upcoming Emu Park QLD’s “Festival of the Wind” annual event which began in 1999.


The 2018 kite festival will be held on April 8th starting with Community Markets from 8:30am. Colourful, big kites will be lofted early with the right winds.


But, if winds are lacking, colourful flag banners from OzFeathers will direct incoming families to the scene of all the action – Bell Park and Fisherman’s Beach – for a full day of kite flying fun and beach games.


The South Australian team from OzFeathers consists of Kevin Sanders (prime kite wrangler), Dave Sainsbury (kite crew) and Linda Sanders (fabric artist and feather banners), who guarantee a spectacular show of stunning colour & movement.


Beach Flags with Nemo

Nemo-style feather banner designs – appealing to all ages.


Kites, windsocks, streamer tails against the blue sky, plus ground level colour with Linda’s flag designs lining the roadway help to turn Emu Park into a sea of activity.


The coast road to and from Yeppoon tends to fill up fast, so we suggest everyone gets up and out early for this ultimate day of family fun.