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Monthly Archives: July 2018

How many quality-flags are in McLaren Vale, South Australia?


For feather flags to work effectively, they really need to be bold, bright and HIGHLY visible.


Where are the brightest flag banners?  Answer, the McLaren Vale Visitor Centre, where boldly-coloured street flags joyfully invite visitors to look closer at their Gallery, their Café, their Cellar Door.   These banner flags wave and dance and bounce with the wind at the entrance to this popular “Sea & Vines” town.


But wait!  One teardrop flag appears invisible – hard to see, almost playing “Where’s Wally” amongst the display.  The street advertising for Fleurieu Biennale appears to blend and disappear into the background as it sits alongside OzFeathers’ strident colour choices.


Bright feather banners and one plae teardrop flag

One almost-invisible teardrop flag plays “Where’s Wally” alongside stridently coloured OzFeathers.


When designing effective teardrop flag marketing (which are printed-only banners where paler colours often result, unlike Linda Sanders’ BRIGHT all-sewn designs) research shows that colours and size of text are paramount towards guaranteeing positive customer results.


How much advertising space?

What does that teardrop flag say? When a flat banner offers only 1½ square metres of advertising space – as the teardrop in this photo shows – the message can be easily lost to traffic.


At OzFeathers, each standard 4.4 metre feather banner offers a massive 3 square metres of message spaceTWICE AS MUCH fabric area – and explains why these waving banners claim to be Bigger, Brighter and Tougher than any other advertising.


Will the cost of advertising be expensive?

For the DOUBLE ad-space, an OzFeather flag tackles any advertising problem, but will NOT double the cost.  Guaranteed.


How many potential customers could be lost by a too-small printed flag when it fails to attract new traffic, producing fewer results and making any advertising spend a costly exercise in lost customers, revenue and reputation?


What’s the best message for feather flags?

Back to “Where’s Wally”, the powerful messages on the McLaren Vale Visitor Centre’s three bold street flags are clearly seen and understood – at a glance.


“We’re OPEN!” they shout… and “we have a great Café, Cellar Door and an amazing Gallery…”


Negotiating with OzFeathers to create the optimum flag banner design for any business or community group can mean the difference between business success and failure.


Be SEEN, to be visited.


CONTACT US via our web enquiry form or call us today 08 8556 2681 for our guidance in building your own unique, waving headline.


Designed and fully-crafted in Willunga – definitely all Australian made.