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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Ask your Flag Banner Maker these 3 Questions!


  1. Where are OzFeathers made? (What about after-sales service?…)
  2. If we need spare parts or repairs, where can we do this?
  3. What is the fabric like? – is it bright, bold and tough?


Imported flag banners’ material is thin.  Usually only 50 denier, which is similar to shower curtain thickness. They would be okay for weekend events and short-term advertising, as they’re often only bright-looking for a few short months.


BUT!  Flag banners from OzFeathers are made from 100% flag nylon fabric, which is 200 denier.  Tougher at four times thicker, offering a working lifespan of around 3 years, without needing much care & attention.


Custom feather banners

You need to BE DIFFERENT – to BE SEEN


Our all-sewn applique process (we only use Willunga sewists) is totally unlike printed or teardrop flags, see for yourself here!


Applique BioR

NO INKS! Brightest colour-fast designs with no-run colour.


Why are OzFeathers always brighter?


Our 100% flag nylon is pre-dyed which holds colour for longer. Absolutely no chance of the colour running when it rains.


We’re Willunga locals – a family-owned workshop – so you’re talking with the people who run the business. We know the importance of “I need help NOW!”


How long do flag banners last? – actually translates to, “How long will my advertising WORK for me?  How soon will I need to replace my banners?”


Answer? = When averaging 8 hours every day, in wind AND rain, no sick days, no holidays, and without complaint, expect no less than 1000 days.  Compare that to printed flags which start their “wear factor” at a few months.  Your OzFeathers banner is an unpaid employee – it can often be your hardest worker.


CONCLUSION – To be seen these days it’s important to BE DIFFERENT. Let OzFeathers design YOUR different, and watch that bottom line soar – call today, we’re locals (08) 8556 2681 – why wait?!