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Monthly Archives: November 2018


Ice cream flag banner

Willunga-made, feather flag

Barrelling down the highway in the car, one eye on the road, the other on signposts, and there’s just ONE feather flag banner waving vividly up ahead.  Aha!


Now I know where to slow down and pull in to visit my favourite (fill in the gap) winery / coffee shop / hairdresser / ice cream seller!


Without that waving, or the bright colours, and your super-bold message, we might have driven straight past and not realised your business was even open.  Heaven forbid!


Thinking outside the box and beyond newspaper ads. or letter box drops is the key to catching traffic’s attention in 2018.  Think of the hundreds or thousands of cars which pass you every single day.  Sometimes TWICE daily.  Imagine the bottom line boosted if just 10% of that traffic stops to shop?


New traffic on a daily basis makes feather banners the win-win solution.


Bright and eye-catching, they’re highly visible above any sized vehicle and cost nothing to maintain (except an occasional wash) with a lifespan averaging almost 3 years.  OzFeathers prove that advertising isn’t difficult.


Just one investment offers over 365 different advertising possibilities – potentially a new position every day!  One message, and movable – like rearranging furniture to brighten a room.


A well-designed flag-banner becomes a most-effective employee, working for around 50 cents per day and one who won’t ask for holidays. Even bad weather won’t faze them.


One single feather flag can be seen from every angle, all the while using FREE wind-energy.


They remain bright & cheerful even when the weather isn’t, and never ask for a pay rise.


It’s time to be the brightest STAR in your street!  Check out in this video HOW Willunga-made flags are stunningly different.


OzFeathers will create your ultimate advertising tool – FREE design work, with FREE delivery before Christmas 2018 if you say you’ve seen this BLOG post.


Check out our Facebook page for latest designs, then call or email for your free delivery and priority queue position!