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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Can feather flags be repaired in Australia?

Not ALL flag banners can be repaired.  Here’s a guide on what to watch for when choosing.


Expert repairs can be difficult on flags unless the base fabric has a high denier count, such as 200 denier flag nylon.  This high number means the initial weave is super-strong and it will often accept re-stitching, thus increasing lifespan.


OzFeathers’ own high denier nylon fabric also features a special coating to aid in colour preservation (important in Australia’s weather) which isn’t found in other mass-produced flags.  This coating is a product of duPont, well-respected in the field of innovation.

Selfies feather flags

Brighter than bright! We use BOLD flag nylon on all feather banners we make.

Many lighter weight flags actually use a low-denier polyester so they are lighter in weight and weave, and, once torn, there’s often little to be done other than total replacement.


6 ways to extend the life of your OzFeathers flag banner –


1.  Keep your feather flag away from trees, shrubs, gutters and power lines.  In fact, stay clear of anything sharp.  Treat the fabric like human skin and a banner can last for years.


2. At the close of day, roll your banner around the pole before carrying inside, remembering not to drag along abrasive ground.


3. OzFeathers’ 200 denier nylon can be washed with confidence – gentle cycle on the washing machine, and use pre-wash spray on soiled areas first.


4. The minute any damage to the weave is spotted, contact our repair dept. and learn how to arrange for return & repairs. When caught early, snags and tears can be swiftly rectified, and your banner will be returned looking like new!


5. Daily use in rain, shine, windy gales or sheeting hail may cause faster wear, but, with the increase in foot traffic due to your flag banner’s efficiency, your advertising budget will more than cover any replacements.


6. Lastly, our supplied user-instructions offer many TIPS (shortcuts to success) for extending the fabric’s lifespan.


The longer your feather flag lasts, the better your bottom line – meaning less stress and expense for you.


Here’s a fine example of how GREAT advertising is made here in Willunga, SA. as shown here for Alexandrina Council.