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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Semaphore Kite Festival Delights, Featuring Willunga’s Feather Flag Lady, Linda Sanders


Where at Easter time 2019 could you find skies filled with kites of all colours where the the sands come alive with the dazzling colours of the rainbow – all eager to wave to the massing crowds up onto the jetty?  It’s Semaphore Beach (of course!) for the annual kite festival featuring kite makers and fliers from around Australia and beyond.


Linda’s banners, lining the sandy avenue from pathway to waterline, included a selection of her exquisitely detailed feather flag designs, all of which were created in her Willunga studio.

Feather flags Easter kite festival

Wind & sunshine are FREE – let’s get a wriggle on…

Unlike printed or teardrop-style advertising flags – the types often seen outside car yards – OzFeathers are aesthetically extreme in their opposite-ness.
Stunningly unique.
Statues which move.
Colours dazzling with the sunlight.

Feather banners tall and waving

We’re showing you our best side in the sunshine – but wait, every side is our BEST side!

Mesmeric undulation capturing the eye and imagination of all ages.


Now, over in the bird world, the brighter the feathers in the male’s plumage, the fitter he appears to his potential mate.  Linda enlarges on this premise with her cleverly planned colour schemes, to achieve maximum effect once the sun’s rays hit.


Linda’s applique technique has been likened to leadlight glass work.  Leadlighting involves individual slivers of coloured glass being carefully cut to a pattern, then inlaying them alongside each other before anchoring to the design.


In OzFeathers, a similar method is used with individual pieces of pre-dyed flag nylon first cut to a pattern then hot-welded into the design before being firmly sewn together.


Coloured fabric “windows” waiting to act on the wind’s breath, simultaneously dancing with sunbeams… wind energy is FREE! 


All this, and Australian made, bringing attention-seeking into the 21st Century. Suddenly, the task of being seen is easily solved with a mere 500g of art-mural, providing you’ve had Linda’s hand on the other end of the design process!

Inlaid applique fully-sewn in Willunga feather flag

Cut the colours, weld the colours, sew everything together FIRMLY!

More details (or to contact Linda direct) from this link.