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Monthly Archives: July 2019

Do You Repair Feather Flags, or Throw Them Away?

We DEFINITELY repair our OzFeathers banner flags, refreshing them back to near-new where possible.  Advertising shouldn’t need throwing away every few months, no way!

Damaged flag banner now repaired

Made new 2017, refreshed 2 years later and this OzFeather is working HARD!

This flag nylon is 200 denier – that means “tough enough to take repairs” – and since we manufacture all our own OzFeathers right here, we have all the fabric colours plus the original design patterns which means that any part of the original flag banner can easily be re-made.


Imagine pranging your car and throwing it away just because you have a dent!!??


Our latest repair job is for Australian Boutique Premium Wines of McLaren Vale.  For two complete years their waving advertising has attracted attention to their shop in the “old” McLaren Vale shopping centre. That’s 24 months – longer than Yellow Pages, or a business association membership – of non-stop “LOOK HERE!”


Sadly, their two OzFeathers flag banners incurred some “busy main road traffic grime” along with a few wintry, windy days having attacked one or two seams.

Flag banners canbe repaired

Looks can be deceptive. Slightly worn, but NOT worn out. FIXABLE!

So, into the workshop – a quick trim, some new fabric, re-stitching and… good as new.  Advertising which keeps on working – but only with our 200 denier heavy duty nylon.


Tips for extending lifespan include
1. Be clear of trees, shrubs, gutters on buildings, anything sharp or rough.
2. Avoid dragging on the ground – treat like human skin.
3. Sponge clean after dirt appears, or gentle cycle in the washing machine.
4. When damage is caught early, repairs are simple.  Much harder on weary threads.
5. Wear & tear varies determined by location & weather, but average life can be 3 years or more.
6. Check instructions to be sure on how-to-use, these tips can save money!


When you’re wanting to reduce waste in landfill, consider banners of “200 denier flag nylon” for their longest lifespan; they’re only available in Australia from OzFeathers.