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Monthly Archives: November 2019

How to Find the Right Design for a Flag Banner


Small business owners need to be seen, but often think, “I only want something simple”.


Now consider speed of traffic and the brief recognition time for a “simple” marker to be seen.  And, not only seen, but also be readable.


Here’s where we can turn “simple” into something punchy & brilliant.


Two local businesses had major messages to showcase to passing traffic, and with OzFeathers’ spark of WOW! this pair of eye-catching feather banners presented solutions.


Excitement creates curiosity in the viewer.


From Willunga Physiotherapy at Aldinga, “…just put up our feather.  The hands move with the wind!!  Love it.”



And why not?  These Physios use their hands to manipulate aching joints, so where a static sign might say “we’re here”, this brilliantly waving banner EXPLAINS how soothing these specialists’ hands will be.


Feather flag waving hands Physiotherapist

“My, what BIG hands you have!!”


Myponga’s Smiling Samoyed Brewery, which is set back off the main street, could easily be missed without something bright and active to stop traffic in its tracks.


Time to show creative edge by featuring their in-house brewery expert, Hoppy the real “Smiling Samoyed”.  At this size, Hoppy – with his eagerly lolling tongue – looks extremely inviting.


Hoppy Smiling Samoyed Brewery fether banner Myponga

“I’m Hoppy and I’m big, white & fluffy… want to sample my beer?”


Who doesn’t enjoy a craft-brewed beverage?  Hoppy waves at visitors, drawing you into his den, knowing you’re going to love your visit.


Both of these are Linda Sanders’ designs, and she tells us she focuses on attracting attention at distance.  “Every feather banner is a waving flag, shouting, “come over here!” giving drivers time to slow down and into YOUR carpark” she says.


Working with punchy, powerful (often singular) messages, there’s no doubt that this advertising format is excellent value for money.


Keep It Simple Stupid – K.I.S.S.


Either in the caring hands of the Physio or under the watchful eye of a furry Samoyed, all proving that “simple” can also be fantastically brilliant.


Do you need TO BE SEEN?


Do you have a simple message needing a bit of zhoozhing?


Follow this link and let OzFeathers be your answer.