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3 Questions to Ask your Flag Banner maker

  1. Will your feather banners be AUSTRALIAN made?
  2. Can you get repairs for accidental damage done quickly?
  3. How long will your flag banners last?
Curiosity messages

Curiosity Message Flag Banners – Get Traffic Interested!

So, are you looking for Australian-made or will imported, lower-quality be good enough?


Would you prefer to support Aussie made, or are you looking for short-life, quick-advert-fix only?


Will imported feather banners be as TOUGH as the ones Made in Australia?


For answers, do some comparisons between the two totally different fabrics – polyester (lighter weight) against flag nylon (heavy duty. as used for flag making).


Compare the fabric rating of 50 denier vs. OzFeathers’ 200 denier.  *** (Hint: the larger the number, the thicker the fabric.) ***


Hold the two samples up to the light and the differences are noticeable.  One will last up to 6 times longer… not hard to see which one.


When repairs are needed, only 200 denier can be matched to the original pattern to have fresh fabric inserted.  (50 denier once damaged, is usually a throw-away.)


Consider  printed banners where a seamstress won’t be sitting on hand, waiting for the occasional repair.  If the banners aren’t originally sewn on premises, then repairs will need to be found elsewhere.


Do you have time for that?!


Sewing applique

SEWN for toughness & easy repairs

How long do flag banners last? – is better phrased as “How long will my advertising dollars work?


Consider that one newspaper ad. might survive 24 hours before it’s headed into recycling.  That means that most readers will have seen your ad. just once for that investment.


Feather banners – solidly-constructed and using 200 denier flag nylon – offer 8 hours every day, in wind & rain, no sick days, no holidays, and without complaint!


*** Simply consider your waving banner as an unpaid employee ***


It can often be your hardest worker!


CONCLUSION – 500 days AVERAGE minimum advertising from ONE investment.  Priceless.