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Adelaide’s Feather Banners are TOUGHEST!


When FEATHER BANNERS are made with 200 denier flag nylon, there’ll be some heavy-duty manufacturing involved.


Feather banners not printed

Up close heat-weld-sewn tough



What are the benefits to using such a high-denier count fabric?


  • Strength & longevity.
  • Durability in the outdoors.
  • Repair-ability (which can extend lifespan further).
  • Weather-resistant.


Rezz Hotel Feather Banners bright

Make your advertising BRIGHT and EYE-POPPING



Compared to thinner flags (which use only 50-denier or lower-quality fabric) this pre-dyed flag nylon is already FOUR TIMES thicker & stronger long before any cutting happens.


Working with nylon fabric (there’s nothing flimsy about this material) a tough assembly procedure is needed.


Introducing… heat-weld-sewn.


Rezz Hotel yellow Banner

Yellow POPS! when sewn onto black – BE SEEN!



Using a heat-sealing cutting process means no fraying.  All edges are automatically sealed when being cut.


The welding step involves each layer of fabric being firmly bonded – “melting” the layers together creates a sealed join with non-fray edges.


The final step where all the layers are now sewn securely together produces a FEATHER BANNER which can withstand a wider range of outdoor weather conditions.  REZZ Hotel can be seen for hundreds of metres.


Feather banners Rezz Hotel

Ostentatious signage? YOU BET!



Outside is where your advertising needs to be, not hiding under a verandah sheltering from the wind.  Be the EYE-POPPING stand-out-act which attracts customers!


This heavy-duty procedure can only be achieved using 200 denier DYED fabric.  When it’s dyed fabric, and heat-weld-sewn made-in-Australia, be prepared for your advertising to outlast the others by miles.